Rhododendron Not Blossoming: Why Rhododendron Bushes Do Not Bloom

In the United States, there are over 500 species of flowering plants. There are many different types of flowers that have been cultivated throughout history. Some flowers open only once in their life cycle while others bloom all year round.

However, none of these flowers are as common as rhododendrons! They’re everywhere around us!

Rhododendrons are one of the most popular houseplants because they’re so easy to care for. They’re drought tolerant and require very little attention other than regular watering. They’re also fairly low maintenance since they won’t attract pests or diseases.

You’ll never have to prune them or trim off dead branches; it’s just a matter of letting them grow naturally and enjoying their beauty every day!

The leaves of rhododendrons are actually edible. They taste pretty good and they make a great addition to salads or stir fries. If you want to eat the leaves raw, you can but I wouldn’t recommend it because they contain cyanide which could kill you if eaten by itself.

The leaves themselves aren’t poisonous either, but eating too much will cause stomach upset. That’s why it’s important to not overdo it when harvesting the leaves.

Rhododendrons enjoy a moist environment and tolerate partial shade. In fact, they will grow in areas with little sunlight as long as they’re watered frequently. They don’t grow well in hot temperatures so they don’t do well in the summer.

The best time of year to plant rhododendrons is in the fall and they will usually bloom the following spring.

This plant can range from a few inches tall to a couple feet. They can be grown from seeds but the most common way of propagation is through cuttings. This is usually done in the early spring.

The easiest way to take a cutting is by taking a longer branch and sticking it into some soil. It should form its own roots fairly quickly. If you want to speed up the process, you can use some rooting hormone. It’s usually sold in most garden stores and is fairly inexpensive. It contains a chemical that promotes cell growth which will help with rooting.

You can get them in a range of colors including white, yellow, orange, red, purple and pink. They get their flowers from the type of bees that pollinate them. These bees usually have a single color for the entirety of their lives.

For example, blue bees will only ever have blue bodies throughout their entire life cycle no matter what stage they’re in. The reason why some flowers change colors is because they are trying to give the greatest chance for the plant to be pollinated. This is very important since a lot of plants cannot reproduce without being pollinated. It’s also important to know that some bees have preferences towards certain colors. For example, honeybees are more likely to pollinate blue flowers over other colors.

Rhododendron Not Blooming: Why Rhododendron Bushes Do Not Flower | igrowplants.net

There are many different types of bees that can pollinate flowers. Without these bees, most plants would cease to exist. In fact, one third of our food wouldn’t exist if not for bees.

Honeybees are the most well known, but they aren’t the only type of bees. There are over 20,000 species of bees and not all of them produce honey. Honeybees give us the greatest benefit though.

Rhododendrons are a type of flower that is known for their beautiful colors. Most people grow them in their garden, but there are also wild varieties that can be found in remote areas. They typically bloom in the spring.

The secret to making the world greener is up to you!

To Do List [ edit ]

General goals:

Build a town

Establish a government ( continue )

) Establish a trade route with the town of Angorn (To be continued)

More specific goals:

Gather resources ( Wood, stone, etc.)

Mine resources ( Gold, Iron, etc. )

) Build a lumber camp

Rhododendron Not Blooming: Why Rhododendron Bushes Do Not Flower - Picture

Build a blacksmith shop

Build a mine

Upgrade weapons & armor for army (When it’s built)

Meet with King Haralan (In progress)

Budget & Money [ edit ]

Gold Piece (gp) – The standard unit of currency.

Silver Piece (sp) – Worth less than a gold piece, but still quite valuable.

Copper Piece (cp) – Worth the least, but still has value.

Denominations- Several denominations of the coin exist. They are as follows:

Worthless Pieces – Also known as “shinplasters” or “funny money”. Too worthless to even merit being melted down.

Rhododendron Not Blooming: Why Rhododendron Bushes Do Not Flower - Picture

Missing Numbers – A denomination that seems to be lacking in monetary value, hence the name. No one is quite sure why it exists.

Confederate – Nobody knows why this denomination exists, though it might have something to do with the time Joachim III tried to have the Confederate States of America annex Dokkrus. The attempt failed and the bill has been worthless ever since.

Military [ edit ]

The Royal Army – Wears bright red armor, usually with gold trim. The royal insignia is on their shields, helmets, and flags. They are the main military force for the Kingdom of Dokkrus.

The Royal Knights – Wears silver full plate armor with gold trim and the royal insignia on their shields. They are an order of elite knights that have served the kingdom for centuries. It is an honor to be chosen to be a part of this order.

The Royal Navy – The fleet consists of several caravels, galleys, spears, and sloops. The navy is primarily used to maintain island security and defend merchant ships, but it has been used in full scale battle on a few occasions.

The Royal Mage Guard – These are Dokkrus’ main source of magic power. The unit consists of over one hundred mages of varying skill. They are used to devastating effect in battle and are well respected throughout the kingdom.

The Watch – This is the main law enforcement agency in Dokkrus. It was not always this way, as such organizations did not exist for most of the kingdom’s history. The King realized their need after several major event in the kingdom’s history.

The Thieves’ Guild – While not an armed force per say, this organization does have a great effect on the kingdom. It has a major hand in many of the criminal activities in the kingdom.

The Church of Joachim – The main religion in Dokkrus, it preaches peace and purity. While most of its followers are upstanding citizens, there is a radical faction that wants to see the royal family removed from power.

The Eternals – A group of svelk mercenaries hired by the king to bolster the kingdom’s military defenses. While not allowed to partake in any kingdom affairs, they still have a major effect on the people. Tensions are high between them and the regular army, and violence has even broken out on occasion.

The Voice – Short for The Voice of All Dissent. This is the name of the main organization that wants to see the royal family removed from power. It is made up of several smaller groups and individuals.

The goal of this organization is to create a new, better government for the people of Dokkrus.

Factions [ edit ]

Rhododendron Not Blooming: Why Rhododendron Bushes Do Not Flower | igrowplants.net

The Kingdom of Dokkrus has many different groups that make up its society. While the king and his army get most of the fame and glory, these groups are just as important.

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