Tips For Caring For Saguaro Cactus:

1) Watering : You need to water your saguaro cacti regularly.

If not, they will rot from lack of moisture. Do not leave them unattended while watering. They may become dehydrated very quickly if left alone for too long. Make sure that the soil around the plants is dry before watering them again or else they might get root rot and die soon after being watered once again.

2) Light : A good light source is a fluorescent bulb.

However, you do not have to use it all the time. Just make sure that there are no direct sunlight rays hitting the plants during the day. When using incandescent bulbs, make sure that they are turned off at night so that they don’t burn up your house lights when turning on in the morning.

3) Temperature : The temperature of the saguaro cactus needs to stay between 65°F (18°C) and 80°F (26°C).

Too much heat could cause the plant to wilt. Too little heat would result in death due to rapid loss of body fluids.

4) Humidity : Your saguaro cacti needs humidity.

If you keep their environment dry, then they won’t rot easily. However, too much humidity may also rot the plant. Keep in mind that most homes are generally dry places so you’ll need to spray them with water (misting) to keep them hydrated.

5) Soil : Any good potting soil should do the trick.

Tips For Caring For Saguaro Cactus on

If you’re using hydroponic solutions, then make sure that they have all the nutrients that saguaros need.

6) Fertilizer : Fertilize your saguaros once a month during their growing season.

Do not overfeed them or they may get poisoned by the nitrogen in the fertilizer.

7) Pests : Check your saguaros for signs of insects or disease, if they have any then take action immediately to stop them from spreading to the rest of your plants.

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