Transplanting Tiger Lilies: How To Transplant Tiger Lily Plants

Tiger lily plants are native to China. They were introduced into India and other parts of Asia. These plants have been cultivated since ancient times.

There are many varieties of tiger lily species which vary in color from white to yellowish green, pink or red. Some species grow only in tropical areas while others thrive in temperate climates such as Europe and North America.

Tiger lily plants produce flowers only once every two years. After blooming, they die back to their original state and cannot be propagated again. However, there are several ways to keep them alive after bloom time.

One way is through grafting, which involves taking a piece of another plant and attaching it onto the base of the flower bud so that new flowers will continue to grow from the same parent plant. Another method is to take a cuttings from the flower buds and place them in soil. Once established, these cuttings can be grown into new plants.

The most common way to propagate tiger lily plants is through seeds. These seeds are usually planted directly into moist potting soil and allowed to germinate. Once the seedlings are large enough to handle, they are potted and allowed to mature.

There are several methods for taking cuttings from the plant. It is best to take cuttings in late spring or early summer. The bottom 2-3 inches of stem should be cut off and placed in damp potting soil.

If the conditions are right, roots will form along the cut and the new lily plant can be separated and planted.

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