Fruit Tree Spacing: How Far Apart Do You Plant Fruit Trees In The Garden?

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to choosing which type of fruit tree will best suit your needs is to determine if you want a small or large one. If you are looking for a smaller size then consider a pear tree, apple tree, peach tree, cherry tree or plum tree. These types of trees grow up to 4 feet tall and produce fruit that is only slightly larger than a pea. They require less space since they don’t have the height requirement of other varieties.

If you are looking for a bigger size then consider a plum tree, grape vine, apricot tree, fig tree or peach tree. These types of trees grow up to 6 feet tall and produce fruit that is roughly half the size of an orange. They require more room because they have a taller height requirement.

Now that you know what kind of fruit trees you would like to choose, you need to decide where in the garden you would like them planted. There are several factors that go into deciding where fruit trees should be planted such as:

How much shade will I get from the house? Will my yard be too wet during heavy rains? Is there enough sunlight coming through the windows at night? Should I place my yard in an area that gets hit by sunlight throughout the day?

If you want to know how far apart to plant fruit trees then it is important to know the average height of the tree variety you are looking at. Then you can use this as a guide to how much space you need between each one. For example, if you have two apple trees then you need to plant them at least 10 feet away from each other.

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