Growing Mint From Cuttings: What Is The Best Way?

The best way to grow mint from cuttings is the same way you would plant a tree or shrub. You need good soil, light, water and fertilizer. But there are some differences between planting a tree or shrub and growing mint from cuttings.

Planting A Tree Or Shrub From Cuttings: How Long Does It Take To Grow?

A year is the typical time it takes to grow a tree or shrub from cuttings. However, you will have to wait until the next spring before they start producing fruit. That’s because trees and shrubs produce their fruits in one season only. They don’t bloom again until another winter when they shed their leaves and begin to flower again.

Mint plants, however, bloom every year. So even if you planted them last summer, they could still produce flowers and fruit this fall.

How To Harvest Mint Seeds: When Should I Harvest Them?

You should harvest your mint seeds at least two months after they’ve been germinated. If you wait too long and the seeds dry out completely, then they won’t sprout any new shoots anymore.

It takes about a month for mint seeds to germinate. So you should harvest them two months after you’ve started growing them. The best way to harvest your mint seeds is to dry them for a few days in a dark place with good air circulation. Then you can store them in an airtight container until it comes time to plant them again.

The most important thing about harvesting your mint seeds is to leave some in the garden. This is vital so your mint plant doesn’t die. Without being harvested, your mint plant will not produce any more flowers. Without flowers, it won’t produce any more seeds.

Without seeds, it will die completely.

How To Plant Mint Seeds: What Should I Use To Plant Them?

You can plant your mint seeds either directly or in pots. This is a matter of personal preference. In both cases you can use seed raising mix or regular potting soil.

If you’re planting in pots, then each pot should contain only one species of plant. That is, don’t mix mint with basil or any other plants in the same pot. Each pot should have its own species of plant.

How To Get Mint Seeds: Where Can I Buy Them?

You can buy mint seeds and cuttings at most nurseries that sell herbs and spices.

If you have a garden center, then they most likely sell mint plants. These are either packaged and sold in bundles or else they’re just loose in a large container. Ask the staff if you aren’t sure.

Mint is one of the easiest plants to get cuttings from. If you have some growing in your garden, then you can simply take a cutting from it and plant it in a pot or directly in the ground. The hard part is finding a good place to plant it. It will need at least six hours of direct sunlight every day in order to thrive.

Unless you live in a very sunny area, then your mint plant might not get enough sunlight.

If you have a friend or neighbor with a mint plant, then you can ask to take some cuttings from it. In exchange you could offer to give them some fresh mint leaves whenever they need them. Just make sure you ask before you start snipping away.

How To Take Cuttings: What Else Do I Need To Know?

The best cuttings to take come from young plants that are about 10 inches tall and have several sets of leaves on them. If the stem has long segments of bare wood, then those can be removed by rubbing your fingers down the stem which will cause the thin woody parts to break off.

Make sure your cutting tool is very sharp. This means it’s much less likely to cause cuts or punctures in the stems of the young plants. Clean your cutting tool with rubbing alcohol before you begin so you don’t spread any disease from one plant to the next.

Growing Mint From Seed: Learn How To Plant Mint Seeds |

Use a glass of water and a plastic sandwich bag to help keep your cuttings moist as you’re working with them. Once the cuttings have rooted, you can plant them in soil.

Remember: The best time of year to take cuttings from your mint plants is in the springtime. This is when the plants are most likely to sprout roots so you’ll have more success. After flowering has occurred in the summer (or after your mint plant has gone to seed in late summer or fall), then you won’t be able to take cuttings any longer.

In addition to the steps listed above, here are a few more tips that will help you get rooted cuttings.

Use sharp pruning shears or a knife to make your clean cuts.

Make sure your containers have drainage. If they’re pots, then poke some holes in the bottom for drainage. If you’re using plastic cups or jars, then add a few holes in the bottom. Cut off the top inch or so of a two-liter bottle and place the cuttings in the hole you’ve created.

This will allow moisture to escape, but not the roots.

Always use a sterile cutting tool. This helps prevent bacteria and other pathogens from entering your plants while you’re making your cuts.



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