Growing Oleander From Cuttings – How To Propagate Oleander Cuttings

In this post, we will share with you how to propagate oleander cuttings from seed. There are many things that you need to consider when growing oleander from cuttings.

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How To Grow Oleander From Seed?

Oleander seeds are available at most nurseries or online stores. They usually cost between $1-$5 per pound. Some sources sell them for free if they have been collected from your own yard. If you don’t live near a nursery, you can order some from the internet and get them shipped to your door within 24 hours!

The best time to start planting is in spring (spring is the best season). You can plant them right away or wait until summer so that they have plenty of time to reach their full size before the first frost.

Planting them too early could result in the roots not getting enough sunlight. Too late and you risk losing all your hard work because they haven’t grown up yet!

You can use any type of soil but we recommend peat moss since it’s easy to dig out and doesn’t rot easily. It’s also easy to find and is the most common type of soil used in containers.

The depth of the container should be around 4-6 inches. Make sure you don’t plant them too deep since that could also result in the plants rotting.

You can also use a deeper pot but make sure to layer the bottom with stones or broken clay pots to ensure proper drainage.

Choose a spot that gets 6 hours of sunlight a day.

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