Trimming Weigela – Tips For Pruning Weigela Bushes

The following are some tips for trimming weigela bushes:

1) When you have to cut back a large bush, it’s best to do so at night.

If you don’t, the next morning you may wake up with a big hole in your yard! You need to get used to sleeping through the night! (And not waking up too early! )

2) Never cut down a bush that is growing along a fence line or around a house.

These types of bushes are very difficult to control and will grow back again if they aren’t pruned out.

3) Don’t use chainsaws or other heavy equipment to remove the branches from weigela bushes.

They can cause damage to the tree and you could even break one of them! Instead, use sharp shears or scissors.

4) Always use gloves when cutting branches off weigela bushes.

Wearing gloves will protect your hands from getting hurt while working on these bushes. Also, never touch the bark of the tree with your bare hand! Doing so can cause a painful rash!

5) If you want to keep weigela bushes looking tidy, then make sure you clean up any fallen leaves or debris regularly.

Trimming Weigela – Tips For Pruning Weigela Bushes |

6) In the spring, you can apply a thick layer of mulch around weigela bushes.

Make sure you don’t put the mulch too close to the base of the plant and that the mulch is free of weeds.

As you can see, pruning weigela shrubs isn’t too complicated. Just make sure you’re always careful when working on them and playing in their vicinity! Also, be sure to keep children and pets away from these shrubs. Weigela bushes can cause a nasty rash or even blisters to those who come in contact with the leaves!

Too much info?

If you are looking for a more simplified version of this content, I’ve recorded this blog post video that explains it all in three minutes!

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About weigela: Weigela is a genus of shrubs in the Plantain Family. There are about 25 species of this shrub, with many hybrids available. Most have large, dense clusters of flowers that bloom in spring to early summer. Colors include pink, red, purple and white.

Most weigela shrubs are hardy in zones 4-9. They grow to be 6-15 feet tall and wide. They prefer sun to part shade and require moist, well-drained soil. Most have deciduous leaves which makes them ideal for shady areas. They are widely used as hedges in the southeastern United States and as feature plants in landscapes throughout the United Kingdom.

Most weigela shrubs have a very high tolerance for pruning. In fact, pruning is often necessary to control their size and shape. It’s recommended you prune in late winter before new growth begins. Cut the branches to the ground. With larger shrubs, you can even cut them back by one-third to one-half.

As for fertilizing, most weigelas don’t require much. If your soil is lacking in phosphorus or nitrogen, a general purpose fertilizer will do. Otherwise, you can also apply a layer of mulch around the base of the shrub to conserve moisture and keep in the soil’s moisture.

The name weigela comes from Baron Gottfried Wilhelm von Weigely who was a 18th century Hungarian botanist and double agent. He spent his early life spying on the Chinese but later defected to the English and helped them navigate the Chinese tea trade. He later became an advisor to England’s Royal Family.

NOTE: The above is intended only as trivia and not as an endorsement of any kind.

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