1. What are the benefits of using a west facing window?

West facing windows have been used since ancient times. They were originally designed for sunlight and ventilation. Nowadays they provide better light penetration and ventilation than east-facing windows. Therefore, it is beneficial to use them instead of east-facing windows.

2. How do

I care for my west facing window plants?

The most important thing when caring for your west-facing houseplant is to keep the temperature at least 70°F (21°C). You can also try keeping the humidity level around 50%. If you cannot keep the temperature and humidity levels at these levels, then you need to adjust the lighting or ventilation system.

3. Can

I grow west-facing plants indoors?

Yes, but you will not get good results if the temperature is too high because they won’t survive. You may want to consider growing some other types of houseplants such as succulents or cacti in your west-facing window garden.

4. How can

I plant my west facing window garden?

You can use a mix of cacti and succulents such as the Sempervivum west facing orchids. You can also grow herbs, flowers or edible plants such as tomatoes west facing. Another idea is to just use small plants in small colored pots arranged in a fun and colorful way.

5. Do

I need to keep my west facing window plants dry?

No, west facing window plants don’t require as much water as other types of plants. Instead, be sure to keep them evenly moist at all times. You may need to water your plants every 2 to 3 days.

6. What kind of soil should

I use for my west-facing window garden?

It is best not to use any soil at all. Instead, you should choose a type of mix specifically designed for succulents and cacti or add extra perlite.

7. How do

I prune my west facing window garden?

You should prune your plants after they bloom to encourage new growth. You may also prune them to keep the look that you want such as a short hedge or ball. You can prune them at any time, but it is best to do it in the spring or summer.

8. Do

I need to fertilize my west facing window plants?

You can fertilize your plants with a weak dilution of balanced fertilizer. You should avoid using liquid fertilizer as it could damage the roots of your plants. You should only apply fertilizer once during the growing season.

9. Can

I grow grass in my west facing window garden?

Grasses can be used in west facing window boxes and containers. They require a lot of sunlight and consistent moisture, so they are best grown outside. You can also grow them in containers if you place them in a location that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. A common type of grass you can use is Blue Oat Grass.

West Facing Indoor Plants – Caring For West Facing Window Houseplants from our website

10. Are there any other types of plants

I can grow in my west facing window garden?

You can grow herbs or vegetables such as red peppers or radishes in your west facing window garden.

11. Do

I need to do anything special to take care of my west facing window garden over the winter?

No, you should just leave the window uncovered during the winter and protect it from rain and snow.

12. What are some examples of succulents and cacti that

I can use in my west facing window garden?

You can use cacti such as the Donkey Tail and the Peyote Plume. You can also use succulents such as the Living Stones and coleus plants.

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