Heucherella plant is one of the most popular flowers in Italy. It’s a small but beautiful flower with white petals and red stamens. They are usually found growing in gardens or hedges around the garden. Their blooms last from mid April until late May and they have a sweet fragrance when picked ripe. You can grow Heucherella plants indoors or outdoors, but they prefer full sun and moist soil conditions.

The heucherellas are native to northern Europe, especially France and Germany. They were introduced into Italy in the 16th century.

They are not considered invasive because they do not compete with other plants for space or water, nor do they spread disease. However, their flowers attract bees which pollinate them and therefore increase their numbers. This means that if you want to keep these flowers, you will need to provide bee friendly hives.

How To Grow A Heucherella Plant – Heucherella Plant Information: How To Grow A Heucherella Plant


What Is Heucheleia?

Hechelia is Latin for “sunflower”. These plants produce tiny yellowish flowers which resemble those of a sunflower. They are classified under the genus Muscari and fall under the family of “Gladiolus”, hence they are also called little-glads.

2) How To Grow A Heucherella Plant – Heucherella Plant Information: How To Grow A Heucherella Plant

These flowers are native to the Mediterranean region and can grow up to 3 feet in height.

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