Cacti are not just beautiful plants but they have other useful properties. They provide shelter from extreme weather conditions, which would otherwise destroy our lives. Their leaves are used for food and medicine. Some species of cacti contain medicinal compounds such as thujone, which is found in certain types of mushrooms and contains hallucinogenic effects when consumed or inhaled.

The cactuses belong to the mint family (Lamiaceae) and their common names include desert poppy, prickly pear, prickly ash, desert rose, desert sagebrush and others. They grow in deserts all over the world including North Africa, South America and Australia. These plants produce flowers that are often used medicinally. There are many different kinds of cactuses with varying colors ranging from pale pink to deep purple or even black.

The most commonly grown cactuses are the desert poppy, prickly pear and prickly ash.

In addition to their use as ornamental plants, these plants are also used for medicinal purposes. Desert poppy is one of the best known of these plants because it was first isolated in 1879 by Charles Darwin who noted its narcotic properties. Other varieties of cactuses include the desert sagebrush, desert rose and desert sagebrush.

The plants are usually propagated by seeds which are easy to germinate. The seeds need to be soaked in water for three days before the germination process is activated. Germination will occur only after the seed coat is softened and swollen. The seeds are then sown in deep pots and the young plants transplanted in the spring in a well-drained soil.

Cacti have been used throughout history as a natural remedy to various diseases. They have been used as a treatment for high blood pressure, kidney stones and even cancer. While research is still being conducted to discover all the potential uses of cacti, some cacti have already been proven to be effective in the treatment of several diseases.

Cacti are highly adaptable and can survive in extreme climate conditions. They can survive in the hot and dry climate and also survive in cold weather. This ability to survive in a wide range of temperature conditions has made them an invaluable source of food, drink and medical aid to native people. Cacti are the most common of all plants and grow in a wide range of habitats throughout the world.

Cacti come into existence as a seed which is sown by the wind. As the seed grows it develops a root system to stabilize the plant. It then develops its stem and branches. The plant does not produce flowers and instead, the flowers are replaced by colored berries which attract birds who consume them and disperse the seeds in their droppings to grow new plants far from the parent.

There are more than 800 varieties of cacti with each having a different shape, size and color.

Cactus plants normally contain tiny sharp hairs called glochids on their outer skin.



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