How To Prepare SPC: Soil For Succulents

The most common type of soil used for succulents is potting soil. It’s usually made from crushed rock or sand mixed with other materials such as peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and composted animal manure.

Although it may seem like a good idea to use potting soil for your plants, there are some disadvantages to using it. Here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t use potting soil for succulents:

Potting soil is not very porous. When water seeps into the soil, it will eventually soak through and get into the roots of your plant.

If your plants don’t receive enough moisture during their growing season, they won’t survive long.

It takes too much time to grow succulents properly. You need to provide them with plenty of light, air circulation and humidity at all times.

Potting soil doesn’t do any of these things for them. They have to rely on you for everything else!

If you’re trying to keep your succulents alive during winter months, then it would be better if you used a different kind of soil than potting soil. You can use a cactus and succulent mix instead.

These types of soil are specially designed to meet the needs of all types of succulents.

Best Potting Soil For Cacti And Succulents

So what exactly is the best potting soil for cacti and succulents?

As you probably already know, these plants have unique growing needs. They can’t survive in a regular soil that is used to grow flowers and other types of plants. This type of soil doesn’t provide enough moisture, air or nutrients for succulents.

You need a special type of soil that will help these plants thrive. The best potting soil for cacti and succulents is a mixture of different ingredients.

Most of these ingredients retain moisture well. This prevents your plants from drying out too quickly.

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