What Is A Jostaberry?

Jostaberry (Sambucus nigra) is a flowering plant native to tropical regions of South America, including Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. It’s botanical name means “blackberry” or “jungle berry”. The fruit of the jostaberry belongs to the genus Rubus. Its scientific name is S. rubrum, which literally translates into “rubber tree” or “rubber vine”.

The jostaberry is native to moist areas of the Amazon rainforest, but it has been cultivated since ancient times. It was used as a medicine during the time of Roman Empire.

Today, jostaberry is one of the most popular medicinal plants in Latin America and in Europe.

It grows up to 2 meters tall and its leaves are oval shaped with 4 petals. They have a reddish color and they grow from the stem.

The stems of jostaberry branches are covered with small hairs, which make them look like little rubber bands. These leaves are edible when cooked in their whole form. However, when cut open, they contain seeds inside that can be eaten raw or cooked.

There are many varieties of jostaberry fruits and most of them weigh between 20 g and 50 g. The skin color of the jostaberry can range from greenish-yellow to reddish-purple.

The inside of the jostaberry is white and it contains many small seeds that can be removed by hand. Its taste can be described as a combination between a blackberry and a raspberry.

Jostaberry fruits are popular among chefs in many countries due to their sweet and sour taste. They are used in the preparation of many different desserts such as jams, juices and syrups.

In addition to being delicious, jostaberry is also very healthy and beneficial for our body. The health benefits of this fruit have been known for centuries by many traditional cultures all over the world.

Benefits Of Jostaberry

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Jostaberry is a powerful antioxidant food that contains a large amount of different vitamins and minerals.

It is rich in vitamins C and E, as well as carotenoids, which act as antioxidants that protect our body’s cells from free radical damage. These properties make jostaberry incredibly beneficial for preventing diseases and keeping the immune system strong.

Jostaberry has a multitude of medicinal properties that can improve the health of your heart, eyes, skin and connective tissues. It is a very good healing remedy for urinary tract infections and it helps to prevent kidney stones as well as gout.

These berries are also anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory diseases such as osteoporosis, macular degeneration or lupus.

Jostaberry is also very effective at treating viral infections such as colds or the flu.

In addition, this berry can help you slim down and it’s a perfect ingredient for fat burning smoothies. It helps to decrease your body’s absorption of sugars, which can prevent many health problems such as obesity, diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

This fruit turns your urine a dark yellow color, which is why some people call it “pissaberry”. However, this effect is harmless and does not affect the quality of this fruit as a medicine.

In fact, jostaberry can be used to treat urinary tract infections and other related ailments of the urinary system. It can also help increase the flow of urine, which is beneficial for curing kidney stones.

It is worth mentioning that some people might be allergic to jostaberry just like they can have an allergy to any other food. Prolonged exposure to jostaberry or excessive intake of its fruits can cause allergic reactions in some people.

If you believe you are allergic to this fruit, you should consult your doctor before consuming it.

In general, jostaberry can be eaten fresh or dried and it is a perfect ingredient for many desserts and snacks. It pairs very well with pears, apples and cinnamon.

You can also use it as a filling for pastries, pancakes or omelets.

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Jostaberry Juice

Jostaberry juice is a very healthy drink. It can help to prevent many diseases and it tastes delicious as well.

This recipe makes 2 glasses of juice.


2 tablespoons of dried jostaberries

2 apples

2 oranges


Mix the ingredients in a powerful blender until the juice is smooth. Pour the juice in 2 glasses and enjoy!

Healthy Jostaberry Pancakes

These pancakes not only taste great, but they are also very healthy. This recipe makes 4 portions.


1 cup of whole wheat flour

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

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2 eggs

1 tablespoon of melted butter

1 cup of buttermilk

A pinch of baking soda

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1 cup of jostaberry puree

Syrup, to taste


Mix the flour, brown sugar, baking soda and salt in a bowl. Add the buttermilk, eggs, melted butter and jostaberry puree and mix until it forms a uniform mixture.

What Is A Jostaberry: Growing And Caring For Jostaberries In The Garden - Picture

Spray some non-stick cooking spray in a pan and place it over medium heat. Use a ladle to drop the mixture into the pan.

When the edges of the pancake start to turn golden brown, flip them over to cook the other side. Continue until you use all the batter.

Serve the pancakes with some syrup.

Roasted Jostaberry Soup

This soup is very easy to make and it’s delicious as well. This recipe makes 2 portions.

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