When And How To Pick Catnip – Tips For Harvesting Catnip Plants

Catnip plants are not easy to grow. They require a lot of space and they need plenty of sunlight.

If you want to have some catnip plants then it will take time before you get them. You might even think that you don’t have enough time or money so you won’t be able to grow catnip plants at all! But if you follow these tips, you’ll definitely be able to grow catnip plants.

1) You Need A Good Light Source For Growing Catnip Plants

If your room doesn’t provide good light source for growing catnip plants then it’s going to be difficult for you to grow catnip plants. So make sure that you choose a place which provides good lighting for growing catnip plants.

2) You Need To Have An Appropriate Space For Growing Catnip Plants

You’re going to need a place where you can keep your catnip plants. Make sure that you choose a place where there isn’t too much noise or disturbance.

Also make sure that there aren’t any other plants near your garden which could cause problems for you.

3) You Need To Start With A Good Soil For Growing Catnip

You’re not going to be able to grow catnip plants properly if you don’t prepare the soil for growing catnip in advance. You should do some research before starting your garden and find out what is the best soil for growing catnip.

4) You Need To Wait For The Right Time To Start Growing Catnip

Some plants need “boosters” in order to grow the way you want them to. Catnip plants are one of these plants.

When And How To Pick Catnip – Tips For Harvesting Catnip Plants - igrowplants.net

But you can’t just grow catnip plants whenever you feel like it. You need to wait for the right time! If you don’t do this, then your catnip plants won’t grow properly.

If you follow these tips then you’ll have no problems growing your catnip plants.

How To Grow Catnip – The Easy Way!

Catnip is a type of plant which can be grown indoors and outdoors. It can also be grown in containers if you do not have enough space for it.

This plant originates from the mint family, and it is known to be effective in repelling mosquitoes when it is grown in doors and in pots. It can also be grown in your garden, and is known to attract butterflies. This plant grows up to a maximum height of two feet. Catnip can be grown at any time of the year, but it is best grown during the spring or the fall. It is important that you select a good location for your plant. It should be in a location that receives partial shade during the hot summer, and sunny location during the spring or the fall. It should also be grown in rich soil that is moist but well drained. If you are unsure about your soil, you can add some organic matter into it to improve its quality.

Catnip can be propagated through seed, cuttings or division. Division is the process of propagation through clumps, and it can be performed during the spring and the fall.

Here’s a video that shows how to grow catnip

Tips on Growing Catnip

If you want to harvest your catnip then you should do so before it goes to seed. To do this, harvest some of the leaves when you notice that they are getting bleached or if the plant is turning yellow.

Harvesting catnip leaves can be repeated several times, but it is better to let the plant go to seed after three harvests. After it goes to seed, the leaves will be less effective.

When And How To Pick Catnip – Tips For Harvesting Catnip Plants from our website

To get the best effect from your leaves, make sure that you dry them before using them.

Catnip tea can also be made by steeping the dried leaves in hot water. You can add honey for taste or add some lemon juice to prevent upset stomach.

Catnip can be used as a natural insecticide. Fill a spray bottle with water and add some catnip, neem oil or citronella.

This can be sprayed on your plants to prevent insects from eating them.

Catnip can also be used as a pot pourri. Put some dried catnip in a muslin bag and add it to your potpourri to give your home a fresh smell.

Catnip can also be used in cooking. It can be added to soups, salads or other recipes.

If you are interested in getting your cat high, then you can give them some catnip. Most cats enjoy it, but there are some which do not respond to it at all.

Now that you know how to grow catnip, you might want to plant some in your garden for your feline friend. Alternatively, you can start a pot of it on your windowsill or balcony to keep your kitty happy all year round.

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