Shrubs For Arid Conditions: Learn About Drought Resistant Shrubs For Landscapes

The drought resistant shrub is one of the most effective plants that are able to withstand dry conditions. They have been used in many places around the world where there was no water or even any other vegetation. These plants were originally developed for desert areas, but they can be adapted to any area with limited rainfall.

Drought resistant shrubs are not only useful for their ability to survive droughts, but they are also useful for protecting buildings from damage during floods. A few examples of these plants include:

Cacti (especially desert cactus)

Saguaro Cacti (particularly desert saguaros)

Sun Tolerant Shrubs For Shade

Sun tolerant shrubs are plants that thrive under sunlight. Sun tolerant plants do not need much water to grow, but they require some amount of light. These plants grow best in warm and dry conditions. They also require a soil that can remain dry for extended periods of time.

Sun tolerant shrubs are commonly found in desert areas. In these areas, there is a shortage of trees and shrubs. This scarcity of plants forces these plants to develop their own defenses against animals looking for food. These sun tolerant plants do not have much water in them, so most herbivores (plant-eating animals) leave them alone.

These plants can be used as wind barriers, which can protect buildings from strong winds.

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