Enoki Mushroom Info – Tips For Growing Enoki Mushrooms Yourself

What Is An Enoki Mushroom?

An enokii (en-oh-koo) or simply enokii is a small white fungus that grows on woody plants such as oak trees, birch trees, elm trees and other hardwoods. They are often found growing on logs and stumps. Their name comes from their resemblance to the Japanese character “e” which means “tree”.

The word enokii literally translates into English as “little tree”, but it’s not really referring to the size of the fungus itself. Rather, it refers to its appearance. There are many different species of enokii, each with their own unique shape and coloration.

Some have a stem that resembles a miniature tree trunk while others resemble little leaves. All of them look like they belong in nature rather than being artificially grown.

How To Grow Enoki Mushrooms From Stems?

Stem cuttings are a great way to start growing your own mushrooms! These are easy to grow and produce delicious edible mushrooms when eaten. You don’t need any special equipment or anything except some sunlight and water. When you’re ready to harvest, just pull out the fresh mushrooms from the soil. A few days later, you’ll see tiny green caps forming at the top of the stalk. These will eventually grow into another clump of stems.

How To Make Enoki Mushroom Spawn?

Enokii mushroom spawn is an ingredient that you use to grow your mushrooms in a sterilized substrate like straw, sawdust or woodchips. It consists of a mixture of mycelium and nutrients that encourage the growth of mushrooms. During the spawning process, add a small amount of water to each container and stir in the spawn. Then, add the mixture into your growing medium and make sure that it’s evenly distributed. Leave the spawn to incubate for a few days, and then you can add your substrate.

What Is The Best Way To Grow Enokii Mushrooms?

Enokii mushrooms need a lot of water and humidity to grow well. A good way to grow them is in a pillowcase. Just put a few inches of damp substrate into a clean pillow case and fix it with a rubber band. Put the case in a warm, dark place like an airing cupboard, and wait!

How To Tell The Difference Between Edible And Poisonous Enokii Mushrooms?

There are some types of poisonous enokii mushrooms as well as edible ones. Always make sure that you can correctly identify your mushroom before eating it.

Enokii mushrooms that grow on wood are known as wood ears and can be found in grocery stores. These actually have a crunchy texture rather than being soft like traditional enokii mushrooms. These are also sometimes called golden needles and tree ears.

How Long Do Enokii Mushrooms Last When Properly Stored?

The shelf life of enokii mushrooms depends on how you store them. For example, if you leave them in their packaging and place them in the fridge, they will last for about a week. However, if you take them out of the packaging and place them in a sealed bag and then place that bag in the fridge, they should last for up to 3 to 4 weeks.

Anything else I need to know?

Always wash your hands before you touch any produce, even if it looks clean. You cannot be too careful!

Do you have any more questions about enokii mushrooms?

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