Moving Mature Trees: When And How To Transplant A Large Tree

The biggest problem with moving mature trees is that they are very heavy and require a truck or other vehicle to carry them. There are two ways of transporting large trees; either by using a tractor trailer or using a forklift. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know about each method of transporting large trees.

Tractor Trailer Method

A tractor trailer is a type of semi-trailer truck that has been modified so that it can transport large objects such as trees. Tractors are used to haul lumber, construction materials, farm equipment and much more. However, tractors cannot handle heavy loads like trucks can. For example, a tractor trailer will not be able to lift a 50 foot tall tree because the driver would get too tired after driving for several hours at high speed.

Also, tractors do not have enough power to pull a tree over a hill.

To solve these problems, many companies now use trailers that are designed specifically for large trees. These trailers weigh less than regular trucks and can easily pull over hills. They’re called “tree huggers.” You’ll see them being used all around the country to move giant trees like redwoods and sequoias.

The biggest problem with using a tractor trailer is that you need to contact a company that has these specialized trailers. They usually charge a lot to move trees, because their trailers are expensive to lease or buy. Also, they can only be driven by experienced truck drivers. If you try to use a regular semi-trailer, it could damage the trailer and may cause an accident.

Another issue is that there are not many companies with this equipment. If you need your tree transported across the country, it may be difficult to find a company that is willing to transport it.

Forklift and Skid Loader Method

Forklift or Skid Loader

Another way of moving large trees is to use a skid loader or a forklift to place the tree on a trailer. This method of transporting large trees can be less expensive than using a semi-trailer truck. It’s only suitable for trees that are smaller than average. To move very large trees, you may need a lot of people and expensive equipment to dig up and move the tree.

Moving Mature Trees: When And How To Transplant A Large Tree |

To move a tree, you need to find as much dirt as possible around the root ball. This will keep the tree from breaking or damaging when it is place on the trailer. You can either hire a machine to dig up and place the tree on a trailer or use a friend’s machine. If you’re using a machine, make sure that you ask the owner if it’s okay to use it.

Lift The Tree

Once you’ve got the tree on the trailer, strap it down with ropes or chains to keep it from moving during transit. Be sure to place the straps under the root ball and over the trunk. If using a chain, make sure to place it through the back of each link and then through the front of the next link. This will prevent the chain from coming off.

After you’ve got the tree strapped down, secure the trailer to your truck.

Properly secured trailer

Make sure that you use the same amount of straps on your trailer as you do on your truck. Also, make sure that your chains are as tight as possible. Otherwise, your tree may fall off during transit. Remember to have plenty of slack in the chains.

Finally, make sure that your trailer has a breakaway feature. This will allow the trailer to snap off in case of an accident. Your truck should have one as well. Check your owner’s manual to see how far away the trailer should be from your truck when connected.

Always keep the appropriate distance.

After transporting your tree home, it is essential to unload it as soon as possible.

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