Spartan Apple Trees For Sale: What Is A Spartan Apple Tree?

A spartan apple tree is one with fewer than five branches. They are usually small trees with only two or three main trunks and often no fruitbearing branches at all. These types of apples grow best in cool climates where they will thrive under low light conditions. They prefer moist soil but can tolerate dry soils better if it does not get too hot during the day. They do well in full sun and shade.

The most common varieties of spartan apple trees are the Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Honeycrisp and Granny Smith. There are many other cultivars which have been developed over time but these are the ones commonly grown today.

Spartan apple trees need good drainage so make sure your garden area drains properly before planting them. If there is any standing water around your house, then you will need to dig out some of it. You may want to plant them near a stream or pond so that they can soak up rainwater when necessary.

How To Plant A Spartan Apple Tree?

You can start growing a spartan apple tree from seed or cuttings. It is easy to sprout them indoors and then transplant them in the spring when the weather gets warmer. You can plant them in regular potting soil but be sure to keep it consistently watered.

During the first year your tree should only grow a few inches so that it does not get root bound. For this reason it’s a good idea to repot into a slightly bigger container than it was originally planted in.

It’s best to plant it in the ground when there is no danger of frost. Don’t plant it too deep and make sure that there is at least a couple of feet of space between other mature trees. Around ten feet is usually adequate although this may vary depending on the type of spartan apple tree you are trying to grow.

To plant your spartan apple tree, dig out a hole that is slightly wider than the container it is planted in. Pour a small amount of water in the bottom to make it easier to shovel out the soil. Carefully remove your spartan apple tree from its container and gently lower it into the hole.

Fill the hole half way with soil and then water it in well. Continue filling in soil and patting it down until the hole is completely full. Stake it if necessary to keep it from blowing over in a strong wind.

Water your new tree well. You can use a sprinkler to soak it thoroughly or if you prefer, you can water it by hand and give it a nice long drink. It is very important that the soil is completely moistened especially the first year.

It may need watering twice a day during the heat of the summer. Be sure not to over water and create a muddy soggy mess. This can be every bit as harmful as not watering at all.

Your spartan apple tree will need to be fertilized at least once during the first year. You can use a good general purpose fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 but it is best to ask your local nursery professional what they recommend. Follow the directions on the package for application rates.

Care Of Spartan Apples – How to Grow A Spartan Apple Tree on

When your tree first starts to bloom it’s a good idea to spray it with something like “Thuricide” to prevent any insects from destroying your lovely blossoms.

It will take a while for your tree to mature so be patient and enjoy the wait!

You now have a fully grown spartan apple tree to provide you with delicious fruit each year. Hope you enjoy the tasty harvest!

Follow Up

I’ve had my spartan apple tree for almost three years now and it has done really well. Each year it produces several bushels of apples. My family and I enjoy them fresh and sometimes I make applesauce or apple butter to enjoy throughout the year.

The best thing about planting a spartan apple tree is that they grow to produce for decades. There is something very rewarding about keeping a piece of American history alive and making your own home grown applesauce for your family to enjoy!

I hope that you too can enjoy this very special heirloom fruit. Happy Planting!

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