Pumpkin Tree Information:

The name “pumpkin” comes from the Latin word pepo meaning “to grow”. There are many varieties of pumpkins. They vary greatly in size, shape, color and flavor.

Some types of pumpkins include but are not limited to: acorn, red, yellow, white and even black pumpkins. The most common type of pumpkin is the yellow or orange variety. These pumpkins have a sweet taste. Other types of pumpkins include but are not limited to: red, green, purple and even blue varieties.

Eggplants are also known as “eggplant”, “pepper” or simply “bean”. The fruit of an eggplant is called an ovary which contains the seeds. Eggs form inside the ovaries and then hatch into tiny baby plants when they mature.

There are two basic ways to grow eggplants. One way is to start them indoors and let them naturally grow until they produce their own light. The other method is to use artificial lighting such as fluorescent tubes or lights.

Artificial lighting allows the plant to produce its own energy so it doesn’t need as much water or fertilizer. The artificial light also makes the plant easier for humans to harvest because it requires less space than natural sunlight does. Some of the most common types of eggplants include among others: white eggplant, lavender eggplant, purple eggplant and even neon purple eggplant.

The pumpkin is a thick, tough-skinned fruit that is round or oval and often vivid in color. Pumpkins are generally orange but can also be green, white, brown or yellow.

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