Calico Kitty Plant Care

The care of the calico cat kittens depends on their age and size. They are very easy to grow. You need to provide them with proper water and fertilizer. If they don’t get enough food, then they will not survive long time.

They require good lighting for growth, so make sure it’s bright light or LED bulbs for best results.

You need to keep the soil moist but not wet. Make sure there is plenty of air circulation around your plants. Feeding them regularly is essential to maintain their health. You must give them fresh water every day, but avoid using tap water because it may contain harmful chemicals like chlorine which could harm the kittens’ health.

Do not use distilled water as it contains too much minerals and other things that could cause problems for the kittens.

They prefer a dark place to sleep at night. So make sure the room is well lit during the daytime hours. Don’t leave them alone in darkness as they might become stressed out and start behaving strangely.

How To Grow Calico Cat Kittens?

In order to grow your plants successfully, you must pay attention to a few things. One most important thing is, the lighting. You can use the sunlight or you can use the artificial lighting. But make sure that you use the fluorescent light for sixteen hours each day. If you want, you can use the incandescent bulbs for eight hours. The mature plant gets twelve hours of light while the young one needs around sixteen to twenty hours of light.

The soil of the plant must drain properly. You can use the potting soil or you can also use the combination of perlite and vermiculite. The compost should be loose, well-draining and has the perfect pH balance of around 6 to 7.5.

You need to feed your plant with the little amount of liquid fertilizer every week.

How To Take Care Of Calico Kittens?

You should not expose them directly to sunlight.

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