Fixing Dropping Sunflowers: How To Keep Sunflowers From Falling

The reason why my sunflowers are drooping is because they have been overwatered. I had planted them in the ground with the soil level just above the topsoil. After watering them once or twice, I watered them again and then left it alone for several days.

They were still wet when I came back to water them the next day. That was the last time I watered them. When I went out to take some pictures, they all started drooping.

I noticed that my sunflowers were not only drooping but also they looked like they had a yellowish tinge to their leaves which was very unusual for me.

When I tried watering them again, nothing happened except that they stayed dry until today (September 23rd).

I took them outside yesterday morning and put them in a pot full of water. Then I watched them wilt.

I think they need to be watered every other day at least until they get up to about 2 feet tall. If I let them go longer than that, they will die from lack of moisture.

The problem is that I don’t want to spend money on buying new pots since these ones are so old and cracked!

What do I do?

I think that it has a lot to do with the quality of potting soil that you use. I think some of the soil types drain faster than others. The problem with using fast draining soil is that the water drains out of the pot before the plant has a chance to take it all up. This leads to over-watering since the plant dries out before more water can be taken up by the roots.

You really need to use a potting soil that is more coarse and less fine. Also, make sure that the soil is light and porous so that it can retain more water.

I know this sounds funny to some folks, but you can actually use a mix of fast draining soil and perlite (a very lightweight white substance). Perlite is heated to high temperatures before it is formed into little white beads. This combination of soil and perlite makes a soil that can hold more water than just fast draining soil but still has excellent drainage.

Also, when you water your plants, make sure that you water thoroughly so that the top couple inches of soil are nice and wet. Then wait a few days and see if the soil is still damp before watering again. You don’t want to keep adding water to soil that doesn’t need it.

Fixing Drooping Sunflowers: How To Keep Sunflowers From Drooping on

I hope this helps you out. Your sunflowers will be nice and straight in no time.

Good Luck!

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