Heirloom Rose Bushes – Locating Old Garden Roses For Your Garden

by johnah on November 18, 2020

Heirloom Rose Identification: How To Identify Old Roses?

The most common question from gardeners is how do I identify old roses?

There are many different types of old roses, but they all have one thing in common; they were grown before the introduction of synthetic pesticides. These chemicals destroy or damage flowers and cause them to wilt and die. They also make it difficult for plants to reproduce because their pollen cannot get through the pesticide’s sticky coating. The older the plant, the harder it is to tell if it was sprayed with these chemicals. However, there are some easy ways to determine whether your old roses were treated with chemicals or not.

Old Roses Are Often Smaller Than New Ones

If you look at a young rose, you will see that its petals are large and full of color. If you look at an old rose, its petals may be small and pale. Also, the leaves may be smaller than those on a new rose.

Old roses often have white spots on them instead of red ones.

Old Roses Have A Few Leaves That Are Darker Than Others On The Plant

You will notice that old roses have fewer leaves than newer roses. Some old roses have only two leaves while others have four or five. Each of these leaves has a darker center than the rest of the leaf.

Also, each of the leaves has a dark line running down its stem. Each of the leaves grows out of nodes on the stem.

Old Roses Have An Irregular Shape

The new roses that you see have a rather uniform shape. They all have five petals and are all circular in shape. If you look at an old rose, it will have jagged edges and may not be circular.

These roses also tend to be smaller than their new counterparts. The older the rose, the smaller it will be. The leaves of old roses also have a less uniform shape.

Old Roses Have Thorns

The newer roses are thornless. If you notice a rose has thorns, it is an indication that it is an old rose because they were bred out of newer roses.

Heirloom Rose Bushes – Locating Old Garden Roses For Your Garden at igrowplants.net

In many ways, old roses are better than new ones. They have a stronger scent and better flavor. They are also more resistant to disease and insects.

Newer roses cannot withstand the cold, but the old ones can. These roses were literally made to last!



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