Bloody Dock Care: How To Grow Red Veined Sorrel Plants

The Bloody Docks are a place where many people go to escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. People come here because they want to relax, unwind, or just get away from it all. Many people come here for work related reasons such as cleaning offices, working at restaurants, or even as prostitutes. However, there are some people who come here for other reasons. Some people come here simply to enjoy the scenery and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Others come here just for the sake of relaxation. There are those who seek out the company of others like themselves; while others may wish to escape reality entirely. Whatever reason someone comes here, one thing is certain: they all have one common goal: escape from life itself!

It is not uncommon for people to spend years living in the same house, only to eventually move on when circumstances change. Those that stay often become bored with their surroundings and begin looking for something new. While it is true that some people do indeed live their whole lives within a single location, most never actually leave the confines of the home. They remain stuck inside until death does them part, or they die young due to old age. A living hell, if you will.

A Bloody Life

Life in the Bloody Docks is not easy. You have to be tough just to survive in this day and age. If you aren’t tough, you might find yourself becoming a victim to one of the many dangers that lurk in the shadows. The only law that really matters around here is “Survival of the Fittest”, after all. It is a dog eat dog world and you better remember that.

Those that disobey the rules, will be dealt with. Rules are in place for a reason after all: to keep order and peace in the community. You live by the rules or suffer the consequences of not doing so.

While most people can agree on one thing: that life around here is hard, they can’t seem to agree on anything else. Minor things such as the weather is enough to start a fuss between neighbors. Most of the time these petty arguments don’t go too far, but every once in a while they escalate into violent confrontations. Fights break out, language gets salty, and sometimes even weapons are brought out into the open. The majority of the people here have a short fuse and it doesn’t take much to make them snap, so it is best to just stay away from such conflicts if at all possible.

Most people here seem to be condemned to an existence of violence, cruelty, and isolation from the rest of the world. Even those that choose a life of crime aren’t immune to its effects. Most never make it too far up the ladder for fear of being “snapped” by someone higher up the food chain. Those that do manage to make it to the top usually have little left but their anger and frustration as their drive for success has long since withered away. Not that this matters to you; you are here for one reason and one reason only: to seek out the man you know as the “Craftsman”.

After a few days, you finally manage to arrive at your destination. The house itself doesn’t look too bad for being in such a bad part of town. The lawn is well kept, the paint on the outside looks new, and you don’t notice any signs of broken windows. You haven’t noticed any sort of security measures, so you assume that the Craftsman has some sort of magical protection around his home. You also notice that there are two men standing outside.

They aren’t wearing any uniforms, but they don’t look like the nicest of people. It looks like a couple of thugs that probably work for the man in charge.

You walk up to the pair and before you even say anything, one of them approaches you.

Hey you, what do you want?”

the man asks.

Bloody Dock Care: How To Grow Red Veined Sorrel Plants from our website

“I’m here to see the Craftsman.” You say.

“Who shall be walking away from right now unless you’ve got some information on a new job that needs pulling.”

You’ve heard rumors about the man being a thief in his past life, but you didn’t expect him to admit it so openly.

Then again, why not?

Everyone in this town is an outlaw of sorts.

“No, I don’t have any information on a job. I’m here to see the Craftsman about becoming an apprentice.”

The two men look at each other and start laughing.

Apprentice, huh?”

the other one says.


Do you know if he’s taking on any?”

“Not at the moment; business hasn’t been good lately.” the thief says. “We’ve been laying pretty low ourselves lately, in fact Henry over there hasn’t even gotten laid in months.”

“Shut up, Tom!” Henry growls.


Its true! The only time you get any play anymore is when you meet those trollops you pick up at the tavern and drag back to the flat.”

And how the hell is that any of your business, let alone something you should be telling random people we meet on the street?”

You start laughing because his friend has just inadvertently solved your problem of getting information.

I’m guessing you’ve got a bit of pent up frustration yourself then, eh Tom?”

“Wha…no I don’t!”

“Oh come on, both of you have been talking about getting some action for months now.

Tell you what, how about this deal?

If you tell me where to find the Craftsman then I’ll take both of you back to my place where you can get your groove on with whoever is currently staying with me.”

Bloody Dock Care: How To Grow Red Veined Sorrel Plants from our website

Whaaaaaat? You’re tellin me you’re gay?”

Henry says.

“No, I’m saying that I’ve got an extra bed and two people who are willing to go at it in it.

Now are you interested or not?”

“I dunno…don’t seem right gettin’ something for nothing.” Tom says.

At this point you’re getting annoyed.

“Look, unless you want to go back to the flat and jerk off I don’t really give a rat’s bum if it seems right to you or not. I just need to see the Craftsman about an apprenticeship and if you don’t want the free bitches then just say so!”

Tom and Henry look at each other again and finally Henry speaks up.

“Fine, we’ll take your offer but I’m going to tell the Craftsman that YOU made the offer.”

“So help me if you do…” you start to say before Tom interrupts.

“Hey Henry, I think his door is this way.”

The two of them walk past you and around the corner. You follow them for a bit and then stop when you realize that they aren’t slowing down or trying to wait on you.

After catching up to them you reach the place they were headed. It looks like an abandoned building, but there are a few signs that keep indicating that it is in fact occupied.

Bloody Dock Care: How To Grow Red Veined Sorrel Plants on

“Alright, this looks like it.”

Henry ignores him and keeps walking towards the front door. Tom stops and looks at you.

“Er…he never said we had to take you inside.”

At this point you’re getting annoyed with these two again.

“Look, either you two go into the foyer or I’m going to go in by myself. If he fires either one of you then you won’t have anyone to blame but yourselves.”

“Fine, we’ll take you inside, but that’s it!” Tom says pushing past you.

You push past him and follow Henry who is already at the door.

After giving a few knocks, the door slowly opens and you see a dwarf standing before you.

What do you two want?”

the dwarf asking as he leans against the door frame.

“Er…we heard there were some openings for jobs from the Craftsman and we’re looking for work.” Tom answers.

“I see.

And you brought this…person with you?”

“He’s a human just like us!” Henry protests.

“Yeah, but he’s also a selfish idiot and an immature child. There’s also the matter that he’s just a lazy idjit if he needs to be led around by the two of you.”

“Wha…I am not!”

“Quit yer whinging Tom, just tell him what we need to see the Craftsman about.” Henry says pushing Tom forward a bit.

Bloody Dock Care: How To Grow Red Veined Sorrel Plants at

The dwarf doesn’t look impressed, and you can tell he’s trying to decide whether to turn you all away or not.

Well? Cat got your tongue Tom? Why’d you come all this way with these two if you can’t even speak up?”

The dwarf asks.

“We want to see the Craftsman about becoming apprenticed to him so we can learn his trade. We heard he was taking on more students.” Tom says a little louder, but still not speaking up.

“Yeah, yeah, I got that.

But why should I let YOU three in?

Not like any of you have any experience and I can’t just be letting everyone in so they can leech off the Craftsman. Not to mention you’ve got a real nerve trying to bring this idiot with you.”

“Hey! I’m not an idiot!”

“Prove it then.

Why should I let you in?

Henry and Tom can go sit out front with the rest of the cattle waiting to be chosen and maybe, just maybe the Craftsman will see fit to teach them without their having paid for it. But you, you’re going to have to do better than just saying a couple of pretty words if you want to get by me.

So why should I let you in little man?”

At this point Tom and Henry have dropped back, allowing you to enter the conversation. Now you’ve been put on the spot to come up with a reason that will convince the dwarf to let you in. What’s more is this dwarf seems like the type who won’t easily be satisfied.

A. “Because I’m the main character.”

Oh yeah? Is that so?

Well main characters in stories always have big impressive speeches prepared just for occasions like this, so you better start spouting off some nonsense that’ll convince me to let you in.”

A1: “I only need one word to do that.”

Oh really now?

Well out with it then.”

A1: “Peter.”

The dwarf looks at you confused and begins to say something when you interrupt him.

“Peter…Griffin!” You cry out.

This dwarf is so confused at this point, he just stares at you. Though you see the glimmer of recognition in his eye. Before he can answer though you continue with…

Bloody Dock Care: How To Grow Red Veined Sorrel Plants on

A1: “And with that one name I have justified my right to enter your home, for you see Peter Griffin was not only a character on a popular television show in my world, but he was also the man who discovered your world in the first place!”

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