Flowering plants are one of the most beautiful things in nature. They have been used for thousands of years and they continue to be used today. There are many different types of flowers that come from various parts of the world such as China, India, Australia, New Zealand and even Europe. Some flowers grow only once while others bloom year after year. Flowers vary greatly in color from white to purple or pink depending on their species and cultivar. Each flower has its own unique scent, shape and size. Some flowers are edible while others are poisonous. There are also some flowers that have medicinal properties but these benefits aren’t known to everyone.

There are several kinds of flowers that grow in the wild and there are other varieties grown commercially for use in decorations and food products. These include:

Polyanthas (also called “flowers of gold” because of their golden colors)

Cherries (including blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry)

Peaches (including peach cobbler, peach fritter and peach pie)

Papayas (including papaya salad and papaya juice)

The following table lists the common names for each type of flower. In some cases, there may be synonymous terms for a particular species of flower.

Common Name Scientific Name Cherry Pie Prunus Avium Blackberry Prunus Spinosa Raspberry Prunus Rubus Strawberry Fragaria Vesca Blueberry Vaccinium Cereum Peach Prunus Persica Papaya Carica Papaya

The most popular flower is the rose, which has been cultivated in China since antiquity. It has a legendary reputation as a symbol of secrecy and romance.

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Cultivation of flowers for decorative purposes became popular in the Middle Ages. Because of this humans have taken specimens of flowers from their natural environment and moved them to an artificial one where they could bloom all year long. This type of cultivation is called horticulture.

Flowers are not only limited to the natural environment. They can be found in many homes, used for decoration or even incorporated into food.

The following table lists some common flowers and their uses.

Common Name Scientific Name Apple Malus Domestica Tulip Tulipa Grieve Amaryllis Amaryllis Imber Pumpkin Cucurbita Pepo African Violet Saintpaulia Ionantha Rose Rosaceae Lilac Syringa Jasminum Origanum

modern society

The appearance of flowers has become so important to societies around the world that specific holidays have been dedicated to them. Many of these holidays celebrate important events in religious history.

However, the reason for their celebration is the sudden burst of life and beauty flowers bring to an otherwise dreary landscape. The events listed below are some of the most popular flower celebrations.

The following table lists flower related holidays and their significance:

Holiday Name Holiday Type Significance Valentine’s Day Cultural Celebrates lover’s romance and courtly love. Mother’s Day Cultural Celebrates mothers and motherhood.

Easter Religious Marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Commemorates his death. Father’s Day Cultural Celebrates fathers and fatherhood. May Day Cultural A traditional spring festival. Halloween Cultural A celebration of Samhain, a Celtic harvest festival. Christmas Cultural Celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Holiday flowers can be found all year around in any city or town with access to fresh water or greenhouses. Naturally, citizens take advantage of these plants in the days leading up to any of their favorite celebrations.

modern technology

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The use of flowers in technology pales in comparison to their use in decorations. However, they are used in numerous applications for the purpose of scenting various products.

The following is a list of some common uses of flowers in technology:

Air Freshener A product designed to eliminate foul odors emitted from various objects. Air fresheners come in many forms and can be either solid, liquid or gas.

The liquid form is a perfume-like substance which is usually sprayed into the air. The gas form is a canister of chemicals which turns the odorless gas to a similar perfume-like scent. Solid air fresheners are small pellets that are usually placed in cages or tanks to provide a pleasing scent to rodents or animals. The pellets slowly dissolve, emitting their scent as they do so. Carpet Fresh A liquid detergent designed to eliminate foul odors from carpets. Carpet Fresh is usually packaged into small capsules which contain an absorbent material soaked with the detergent. The capsules are placed onto a roller, over the carpet, and their contents are released to dissolve and mix with water from the roller’s reservoir. This mixture is then distributed evenly over the carpet through abrasion, dissolving stains and dirt in the process. Air Perfume A liquid-state perfume which turns the air into a pleasant scent. Air Perfumes are designed for use in closed spaces such as cars or rooms.

modern terminology

Flower: Common name for any plant with reproductive parts located outside the vascular tissue. Also called an blossom.

Rose: A flowering plant of the genus Rosa, family Rosaceae. Most species are deciduous, and many grow thorns.

Typically have a strong, sweet scent. Widely used in celebrations and important events.

Hybrid: A plant resulting from the cross-breeding of two genetically similar plants. The resulting traits are passed on to all future generations, although some variation still occurs.

Scented: Having a powerful smell or smellable, even when in a very dilute form.

Odorous: Having a strong smell, or the property of emitting such a smell.

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Trimming: Pruning, cutting away excess material.

Spraying: Applying liquid to a surface with the aid of compressed air or another physical force.

viscous: Having the consistency of jelly.

dilute: To weaken the strength or concentration of a solute by dissolving it into a solvent.

Bouquet: The combination of scents emitted from a flower, perfume, or other source.

Genetically Engineered: The modification of genetic material to alter the properties and function of biological traits.

viticulture: The cultivation of grapes.

terroir : A French word used to refer to the environmental and climatic characteristics that contribute to the taste of wine.

Wine: An alcoholic beverage composed of water and fermented grapes, or other fruits.

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Aromatherapy: The use of essential oils, such as those extracted from flowers, to improve a person’s psychological and physical well-being.

Flower Language: The concept that each species of flower has its own meaning, either by design or by association. For example, the meaning of a rose is love, since its shape resembles a heart.

Species: A group of similar organisms capable of interbreeding.

Green Thumb: A gardening term for a person who has an innate skill at growing plants.

Seedling: The young, immature form of a plant that develops from a seed. It is dependent on its parent plant for survival and growth, drawing water and nutrients through its roots.

Flower Arrangement: The art of choosing flowers and other decorative objects to adorn a surface.

Decorative Piece: Any item designed to beautify a room.

Green: Color associated with nature and plants. In Western culture, green is commonly associated with sickness and disease.

Rainbow: A multicolored arc visible in the sky comprised of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet light.

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‘Ole! : Expression of excitement.

Gardening: The practice of growing and arranging plants, shrubs and flowers.

Chopsticks: A pair of thin rod used to pick up food in Asian cuisine.

Chop: To cut into smaller pieces using a sharp instrument.

Edible: Any substance capable of being eaten without death or serious illness as a result.

Skewer: A small, thin rod of metal or wood used to hold food together while cooking over an open flame.

Culinary: Pertaining to the practice of preparing and eating food.

Culinary Arts: The practice or skill of preparing and cooking food.

Fungus: A biological organism consisting of a mass of branching threads that resemble roots or nerves. Many species are not independently alive, but instead live on the body of larger hosts.

Mushroom Cloud: An active ejecta plume created by the detonation of an atom bomb.

Atom: The most basic form of matter. All atoms consist of a dense nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons.

There’s more…

While you had already been here once before with your mom, you’d forgotten how boring the extended tour was. Your eyes began to glaze over as she talked about yet another potted plant that seemed to do quite well under the care of the Green Bean staff.

Fortunately for you, the tour was cut short with an unexpected announcement.

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“It is my distinct pleasure to introduce the owner of this wonderful establishment, Thadius Green!” A tall, burly man walked out from the back office, smiling and waving to the customers seated in the cafeteria.

He wore a pair of cargo shorts with a checkered button-up shirt, open two buttons at the top to reveal his thick black hair. He looked to be in his late forties or early fifties, with a thick black beard that covered the bottom half of his face.

He walked up to the counter where you were standing to greet your mother and congratulate her on winning the photography competition.

So this is the young lady who captured the beauty of Green’s Gardens?”

He asks, looking down at you.

“Yes, this is my daughter, Iris. Iris, this is Thadius,” your mother said with a smile.

“A pleasure to meet you!” He said, extending his hand down to you.

Awkwardly, you shake his hand up and down while he smiles at you.

“You’re a very pretty young lady. You look just like your mother, except with your father’s eyes.”

You don’t say anything, but instead try to suppress a small squeak.

Why don’t you two sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee on the house?”

“Oh, that’s alright. We just wanted to come by and see you,” your mother replies.

“Don’t be silly. I’d love to treat my best photographer and her beautiful daughter for helping me out.

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Don’t want anyone saying that I’m not a generous guy.” He winks at your mom, who turns a little red in the cheeks.

“Thank you, Thadius. You’re too kind,” she replies with a forced smile.

“Well if you’re sure, I’d love to have a cup of coffee with my daughter and her beautiful mother.”

You don’t really want to spend any more time here than you have to, but it seems rude to say no when this man has been so generous. You all sit down at one of the empty tables, and a young girl brings you a carafe of coffee and three cups.

You fill each one up, taking care to make sure you don’t overflow the cups like you tend to do at home, and then taste it to see if it’s the right temperature. It is, so you sit quietly with your mother while Thadius speaks.

So how is David doing?”

He asks.

“Oh, he’s doing great! He got a promotion at work, and the kids are all doing well in school…”

Iris lets your mom talk about your family for the next few minutes while you sit and listen. This man is clearly more interested in your family than you are, so you spend the time looking around the room and observing vis-à-vis your training.

A group of three older women are sitting at a table together near the counter, talking about nutrition. A young girl around your age is sitting near the window, reading a book while she sips some coffee. Two men in their mid-twenties sit together at a table near the door. One of them is large and muscular, and the other is on the scrawny side. Through your training, you mark them as blue and red, respectively.

You take a sip of coffee to moisten your suddenly parched throat when you feel something cold on your wrist. You cautiously look down at your arm to see that a thin line of blood is running down it.

You slowly look over at your mother, who has stopped speaking and is looking at you intently.

What do you sense, Iris?”

She asks.

What does she mean?

You’re bleeding!

You look down at the table to see that nothing is there, and when you shift your gaze over to your mother, the blood has already stopped flowing.

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You say in confusion.

Your mother smiles and gets out of her seat, taking you with her.

“Let’s just say that I had a little help from an old friend. We’ll talk more about this later.”

Your mother takes you over to the bathroom to clean the cut on your wrist, which continues to mystify you. No matter how many times you look at it, you can’t see where the cut is.

It’s as if you never were cut at all!

Mom, what’s going on?”

You ask.

“I’m sorry that I lied to you, Iris. I wanted to tell you so many times, but I knew you were special when you were born, and…”

What are you talking about?”

“I’ll explain everything. Just not here. Let’s go home.”

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