What Is A Mouse Ear Hosta?

A mouse ear is a small plant with long slender leaves and flowers which are white or pinkish-white. They grow from the ground up to several inches high and have pointed tips. They look like little mice with their ears sticking out! These plants are called mouse ears because they resemble tiny mice’s ears.

How To Grow Mouse-Ear Hosta Plants

Mouse ear hostas are very easy to grow. You just need to provide them with good light and water.

If you want to start growing mouse-ear hostas, then here are some things you must do:

You must get a few different types of mouse ears (blue, red, yellow). Some people prefer one type over another but all kinds will work well if grown properly.

The best time to grow mouse-ear hostas is during spring and summer months. During winter months, it gets too cold for them so you may not be able to keep them alive.

They don’t require much space since they only need room under your kitchen sink or even underneath the refrigerator. However, they do prefer bright sunlight so make sure you have plenty of windows open when growing them.

For mouse ears, water is very important for their growth. Even though they do not require much time in the sun, they still need plenty of water.

You must check their soil everyday, otherwise they will dry out quickly and die. Alternatively, you could also keep them in small pots and keep them hydrated every few days.

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When growing mouse-ear hostas, you must provide a fertilizer on a weekly basis. You can get this from any home improvement store.

It’s a good idea to get several pots so you can grow several plants at once. You can even make it a competition between your friends and family to see who has the best mouse-ear hosta!

What Are Blue Mouse Ears Hosta Seeds?

Blue mouse ears hosta seeds are becoming very popular. They look very similar to the original hosta plant with the exception that their leaves are a darker shade of blue. You can usually only see the difference when they’re side by side with the common variety.

Where Can I Buy Blue Mouse-Ear Hosta Seeds?

If you want to buy blue mouse ears hosta seeds, you will have to do a little research online. Most garden centers do not carry these types of seeds so you may have to go looking elsewhere.

How Do I Know If My Blue Mouse Ears Hosta Seeds Are Any Good?

One way to test out your blue mouse ears hosta seeds is to plant one in a pot or a patch of dirt. It should sprout in a few days if the seed is any good. However, it takes several months for the plant to mature so don’t get your hopes up too much if you see a sprout within a day or so.

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