Mandrake Poisonous – Can You Eat Mandrake Root?

In this article we will share about the poisonous nature of mandrake root. We are going to tell you what it is, where it comes from, its toxicity level and other useful information. If you want to learn more about the dangers of drinking water, then read our article Water Safety Tips For People Who Are Sick or Have A Cold.

What Is Mandrake Root?

Mandragora officinalis (commonly known as mandrake) is a member of the nightshade family. It’s name means “root of the mandrakes”. Other names include: poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. Its leaves are used in making teas and medicines. The roots are eaten raw or cooked with meat or vegetables. The plant grows wild in India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and parts of Africa.

The plant contains alkaloids called thujone and myristicin. These chemicals have been shown to cause severe liver damage in laboratory animals when ingested. They may also affect the central nervous system causing convulsions, coma, respiratory failure and death.

How Dangerous Is Mandrake Root?

There is no safe amount of any substance that causes harm if consumed over long period of time.

There is no safe level of exposure to second hand smoke.

There is no safe level of uranium or plutonium contamination in your drinking water.

There is no safe way to do anything dangerous.

The only true safety is to avoid the dangerous substance, activity or situation completely.

How Much Is Too Much?

If you have experienced no symptoms after eating mandrake root, then you can continue eating it. If you begin experiencing symptoms, then you should seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms may include:

Difficulty breathing

Nausea and Vomiting



Loss Of Body Control

Hallucinations or Psychotic Behavior

Inability to Consciously Move Or Speak

Is Mandrake Poisonous – Can You Eat Mandrake Root on

Paralysis Of The Body Or Certain Muscles

How Long Does It Take To Digest?

Usually mandrake root takes 6 to 8 hours to be digested, however if you have any of the above symptoms you should seek immediate medical attention.

Is It Safe To Smoke Or Snort?

NO! You should never put anything up your nose or in your body unless your doctor has told you it’s safe.

What Can Happen If You Overdose?

An overdose can be fatal. If you suspect an overdose of any substance, seek immediate medical attention.

What Other Names Is It Known By?

Other names include: mandragora, kawa kawa, mad root, plant of humility, white sage, and wild lemon.

Can You Combine It With Alcohol Or Other Substances?

Due to the unpredictable nature and potential lethality of mandrake root, we do not recommend combining it with alcohol or any other drugs.

Does It Interact With Other Medications?

Do not combine mandrake root with prescription or over the counter medications without first consulting a medical doctor or pharmacist.

Why Would Anyone Consume This Substance?

People consume this substance for bragging rights or to achieve a “high”. Others do it for philosophical, spiritual or recreational reasons.

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