Watering Succulents With Ice Cubes

How To Water A Succulent Plant – Watering Succulents Without Drainage

When it comes to watering succulents, there are many opinions. Some say that you should not drain your succulent plants at all. Others say that they need to be watered every once in awhile or even daily. There are other ideas as well such as never draining them at all and only using distilled water.

The truth is, there is no right answer. You have to figure out what works best for you and your particular situation. If you want to avoid draining your succulents at all costs then don’t bother reading any further! If you’re like me though, and just want to get some water into them occasionally then read on…

What Is Drainage?

Drainage refers to the process of removing excess moisture from a container so that it does not collect inside and cause mold growth. For example, if you were growing tomatoes in a glass jar, you would use a strainer to remove any liquid that may accumulate within the jar. The same principle applies to succulents too; however, because their leaves are leafless and lack stems, they do not have roots to absorb water through their tissues. (New roots do not form on succulent leaves even after months or even years of growing them.) Instead, succulents store water in their bodies so that they can survive long periods of time without rain.

The leaf tissues of a succulent however, can turn into mush if they are kept constantly soaked in water. This can occur when the soil is either too wet or too dry.

How To Water Your Succulent So That It Does Not Need Draining

The best way to water your succulent is to wait until the top 1/3 of your soil has dried out. Then, water it so that water comes out of the bottom of the container. Allow the succulent to absorb as much water as it can and repeat this process until no more water is being absorbed by your succulent.

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