Yellow Watermelon Facts:

1) Yellow watermelons are grown in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

They have been cultivated since the early 1900’s.

2) The name “yellow” comes from their color.

It means they are not red or orange like other types of melon. These fruits look similar to carrots when ripe, but turn yellow when eaten.

3) Yellow watermelons are considered a sweet melon because of their high sugar content.

They contain between 20% and 30% sugar. A typical one-pound (454 grams) watermelon contains around 7 pounds (2 kg).

That makes them very sweet!

4) The fruit grows up to three feet tall and two feet wide at maturity.

Their skin is pale yellow with dark brown spots.

5) The flesh inside the watermelon is white, firm and juicy.

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It tastes good and it doesn’t spoil quickly either.

6) They are usually sold fresh, frozen or canned in juice form.

You can buy them dried too if you prefer. There are many brands available such as Dreyer’s, Fruity Mango, Fruit of the Loom and others.

7) Yellow watermelons have seeds.

Each one has around ten seeds. These grow easily, but produce inferior fruit when compared to the ones grown from store-bought watermelons.

8) The rind is edible and has a thin layer of yellow peel.

It tastes good and is slightly sweet. It doesn’t taste as sugary as the rest of the fruit though.

9) Yellow watermelons are beneficial for your health.

Like other melons, they contain an anti-oxidant called Vitamin-C. This helps the immune system and keeps up your defenses against diseases.

10) Yellow watermelons are filling. One fruit can keep hunger at bay for a long time because of their high water content.

11) Watermelons are low in calories and fat too. They can help people who want to lose weight because just a cup of watermelon only has 46 calories!

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12) Yellow watermelons can help you re-hydrate during and after exercise. Just 1 cup (150 grams) of watermelon only contains around 92% of your RDA of water.

This can be useful if you are suffering from muscle cramps or if you have a headache.

13) They are rich in the antioxidant lycopene too. This chemical is good for the heart and also lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men.

14) Many people in the world like this melon. In China and India, it is eaten more than apples or grapes for example.

Over 22 million tons are grown worldwide each year! That’s around 33,000 tons every day!

15) The majority of watermelons are red or green on the outside. However, a lot less common types include yellow, orange, pink, brown and white.

These facts are used with direct permission from Yellow Watermelon Facts.

We hope you have learned a lot about Yellow Doll Watermelons. If you want to learn more about other fruits, take a look at our facts about apples!

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