Jerusalem Artichoke Care: Growing Jerusalem Artichokes From Seed

The best time to grow Jerusalem artichokes from seed is when they are young and tender. They will start blooming soon after germination. You can get them from nurseries or online garden centers.

If you want to buy Jerusalems, then go with a local nursery or online garden center because it’s much cheaper than buying them at the supermarket!

When you’re ready to plant, simply place the seedlings into a pot and water well. Make sure they have plenty of room around them so that they don’t suffocate. Don’t over-water them either; too much moisture could cause rot.

When the first set of leaves appear, move your plants out of their original containers and put them in larger pots where they’ll have lots more space to spread out and grow bigger.

You can now watch how the plants grow. Watch them develop into beautiful bushes and trees!

Jerusalem Artichoke Care: How To Plant Your Own

Some people think that they can’t grow their own plants from seed because they don’t have a green thumb. This is not true! Anyone can do it, even you!

It’s important to stay positive, and you’ll be able to watch your plant develop into a beautiful artichoke bush or tree of your very own.

The most important thing in this process is the soil. You need to make sure it’s loose and ready for whatever seeds you put into it. Fertilize it with all the nutrients that your plants could ever want.

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Next, you’ll need to place your seeds in a seeding tray and get them wet. You don’t want them to be completely submerged in water, but you do want them to be nice and moist. Be sure to keep the soil moist so that the seeds don’t dry out and die.

After you’ve done that, place the tray in a nice, warm location and keep it there. It may take a few weeks for the seeds to grow, so don’t get discouraged if nothing is happening right away.

When the seeds start to grow, be sure to keep the soil moist and place the tray in a sunny location. If you’re doing everything correctly, your plants should start to bloom within a few weeks.

You can also start your own plants from store-bought artichoke hearts. Simply place the hearts into a glass or vase of water and wait for them to grow roots. Transplant them into pots and keep them outdoors in the sun.

Water them every day and soon they’ll start to grow!

Jerusalem Artichoke Facts: Did You Know?

The name “Jerusalem artichoke” is very misleading. They aren’t even closely related to the globe artichoke!

Though they aren’t even closely related, they do taste similar. The flowers of the two plants are also very similar.

They’re a member of the thistle family along with other popular vegetables such as the common thistle and the cardoon.

The artichoke has been cultivated since around 500 B.C.E.

Their tuber is used to make flour, butter, and alcohol! Even the flower is edible and can be used in cooking. It also can be used to make a purple dye.

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