Pruning Spirea: Tips For Cutting Back Spirea Shrubs

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The following are some tips for cutting back spirea shrub. These tips may be useful if you have any problems with your spirea or if you want to improve the appearance of your garden.

1) When You Have To Cut Down A Tree Or Sprout Up Some Other Plant, Do Not Use Your Hands!

Instead, Take A Knife And Cut Off The Top Part Of The Stem!

2) If You Are Going To Remove Something From Your Garden, Make Sure That What Is Being Removed Will Fit Into The Space Available In Your Garden.

3) Never Try To Pull Out Anything With Too Much Force; Doing So Can Cause Damage And May Even Break Something.

4) Always Be Careful While Using Tools.

They Shouldn’t Hurt Anyone!

5) If You Need To Clean Up Any Damage Done By Someone Else, Don’t Just Leave It There!

Go And Find Another Person Who Has No Interest In The Thing That Was Damaged And Ask Them To Help You!

6) If You See A Project That Someone Else Is Doing, You Can Help Them.

Even If They Don’t Want Your Help, Offer It Anyway, If Only To Get The Feel Of Working Together.

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7) Make Sure That Everyone In Your Community Knows The Rules For Your Collective Space And Insist That They Abide By Them!

8) Always Pick Up After Yourself And Help Others To Do The Same!

9) If You See Something Broken, Try To Fix It!

10) If You See Someone In Distress, Offer Help Or Call For It!

11) If You See Something Dangerous, Tell Someone About It!

12) Never Leave A Project Half Finished; Either Finish It, Or Hand It Off To Someone Else. Nothing Is More Frustrating Than Starting On A Project And Having No Time To Complete It.

13) If You Are Going To Have A Meeting Of Your Community, Make Sure That Everyone Is Invited And Tell Them When And Where The Meeting Will Be. The More People Who Are Involved In Making A Decision, The Better The Outcome Will Be.

14) If You See Someone Who Doesn’t Belong, Ask Them If They Need Help Or Call For Other People To Assist You. The Safety Of The Community Is The Highest Priority!

15) As Far As Possible, Make Sure That Everyone Has A Job (Or Several Jobs!) And Make Sure That They Complete It Within A Reasonable Timeframe. If Not, Talk To Them About How They Feel And What They Think. If This Doesn’t Help, You May Have To Find Another Solution That Works For Everyone.

16) If You Have Something To Say About A Decision That Has Been Made, Speak Up! The Only Bad Idea Is The One That Goes Unsaid!

Pruning Spirea: Tips For Cutting Back Spirea Shrubs at

17) If You See Someone Who Is Feeling Down, Find Out Why And Help Them In Any Way You Can. At The Very Least, A Cheerful Word Or A Listener Are Always Appreciated.

18) Pick Up After Yourself And Help Others To Pick Up After Themselves As Well. A Clean Space For All To Enjoy Is A Happy Space For All To Enjoy!

19) If You See A Problem, Think About It And Then Talk To Someone You Trust About How To Solve It. Nothing Is Better Than A Plan Based On Discussion!

20) If You Have To Punish Someone For Doing Wrong, Make Sure That The Punishment Is Severe Enough That They Won’t Want To Do It Again But Not So Severe That Everyone Becomes Miserable.

21) If You Have To Reward Someone For Doing Well, Make Sure That The Reward Is Great Enough That They Will Want To Do It Again But Not So Great That It Undermines The Efforts Of Others Who Are Still Struggling.

22) Everything You Do Affects Everything And Everyone Around You. Always Think About How Something Will Affect The Group As A Whole!

23) If You Need Help Or Have Something To Discuss, Think Of Someone You Can Talk To (Preferably Outside Of The Community!) And Go See Them Whenever You Can. Having A Break From The Community Sometimes Can Help With Seeing Things More Clearly.

24) Lastly, And Most importantly, ALWAYS HAVE FUN! Life Is Meant To Be Enjoyed, So Don’t Forget To Laugh And Celebrate The Little Things!

Useful Tips:

1) Always Be Energetic And Happy!

The More Positive Energy You Spread, The More People Will Want To Be Around You!

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2) Try To Emphasize The Positive As Much As Possible.

If Something Negative Needs To Be Said, Try Framing It In The Context Of What Can Be Done To Avoid It Happening Again.

3) Watch How You Speak To Others And Remember That Everyone Has Feelings.

Be Careful With Criticism And Brutal Honesty, As People May Take Things The Wrong Way.

4) Don’t Let Little Things Get You Down.

If Someone Points Out A Flaw In Something You Made, Don’t Take It Personally: Celebrate That They Noticed And Are Willing To Point It Out So That It Can Be Improved!

5) Stay Active And Keep Yourself Healthy!

Nothing Saps Your Energy Like Sitting Around All Day. Get Up And Move Around Sometimes; It’ll Make You Feel Better Whenever Things Seem Slow.

6) Be Flexible: While Having A Routine Can Keep Life Expectable, It Can Also Limit How You View Things.

Try To Be Open To New Experiences, Even If They Seem Odd At First.

7) Accidents Happen, And At Times Things Might Get Broken Or Destroyed.

The Best Of Us Have A Few Accidents From Time To Time: The Key Is To Move On And Learn From Our Mistakes.

8) Never Stop Dreaming!

No Matter How Impossible Something Might Seem, If You Set Your Mind To It You Can Achieve Anything.

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9) Everyone Was New At One Point.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Those Who Seem To Know What They’re Doing: Instead, Be Kind And Offer Helpful Advice If You Think It’s Needed.

10) Teamwork Is Everything. Without Each Other We’d All Be Sitting Here Alone.

11) Always Listen To Others’ Ideas: Together We Can Solve Problems Better Than Anyone Could By Themselves.

12) Even When We Die, Someone Will Pick Up The Slack And Carry On. When We’re Gone, Others Will Live On And Remember Us For The Heroes That We Are.

13) Don’t Take Things Personally: Not Everyone Will Agree With You Or Like You, And That’s Okay. Just Do Your Best And Forget The Rest!

14) Focus On What You Can Do Now Instead Of Getting Stressed About What Might Happen Later.

After All, We’re Here For The Adventure Rather Than The Destination, Right?

15) Don’t Go Overboard With “Fun” At The Expense Of Your Health: While It’s Important To Let Loose Every Once In A While, We’re Here To Protect Humanity, Not The Other Way Around.

16) Specialization Is For Inmates. There’s No Need To Focus On One Thing And Forget About The Rest: Be Prepared To Assist Everyone Regardless Of Their Area Of Expertise.

17) Our Lives Are Precious, But That Doesn’t Mean We Shouldn’t Live Them To The Fullest. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks And Get Excited Every Once In A While.

18) There Is Always Room For Improvement, No Matter How Good You Think You Are. Never Stop Challenging Yourself, And Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help If You Need It.

19) We May Be Soldiers, But That Doesn’t Mean We Shouldn’t Think For Ourselves. Question Authority Whenever You Can, But Also Understand When It’s Best To Obey Commands.

20) Without The Darkness, We’d Never Appreciate The Light. We’re All Here Because Of The Bad Things That Happen In This World, But We Still Have Each Other. There Are Many Reasons Why You Are Here, But No One Is More Important Than Anyone Else. Remember That.

21) More Than Anything Else, Be Thankful. For Everything. We Have So Much, Even If It Doesn’t Seem Like It At Times. So Always Be Thankful For What You Have, Because You Don’t Know When It Might Be Taken Away.

“Doesn’t that seem a bit…irresponsible?” you ask. “

What if someone takes it seriously and becomes a loose cannon as a result?”

So what if they do?”

Ragnor crosses his arms, then gestures to the rest of the council. “Everyone up here has broken the rules more than once.

Sometimes you just gotta let people do their own thing, y’know?”

You shrug and turn your attention back to the holograms from earlier, which are still floating in the air.

Pruning Spirea: Tips For Cutting Back Spirea Shrubs - Image

“Those are most of our major rules,” says Isabella, noticing where you’re looking. “But we also have a few other ones that we don’t share with everyone.”

Such as?

Isabella pauses, as if trying to decide whether or not to tell you.

“Go on,” you say. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

With another moment’s hesitation, she sighs and gives in.

“Alright then. The top two secret rules of the Wardens are…”

She looks over at Ragnor for support.

“Rule #19 and rule #20!” he says. “Now let’s see if Ozzy can guess them!”

“I’ll take bets he won’t get either of them correct,” says Khalid.

You shake your head. Seriously, these guys need to stop treating this like a game sometimes. They’re supposed to be running the freakin’ galaxy here!

Isabella looks at you expectantly. “

Well? Any guesses?”


Rule #12?

Everyone laughs.

“No, but good guess!” says Isabella. “Now for Rule #20, I’ll tell you the story of how it came to be…

“Long before any of us svelds had found our way to the Wardens, the organization was primarily occupied by humans. One day, the humans got a little too drunk on their own power and tried to unseat Khalid here as the head of the galaxy’s security forces.”

Pruning Spirea: Tips For Cutting Back Spirea Shrubs on

“I told you to stop calling us that,” says Khalid.

“Yeah, yeah,” Isabella says with a wave of her hand. “In any case, they staged a coup against you, Khalid. They were so eager to get rid of you that they did it without planning ahead. They were so focused on wanting to take power that they didn’t consider the consequences of actually doing it.

“Well, the rest of us fought back of course, and quickly took them out. But in the meantime, while the coup was still in its early stages, they managed to lock down the security cameras in the Warden headquarters. For a while, we had no idea what any of you were doing during the fight or if you were even OK. When we finally got inside, this place was like a warzone. Bodies and bullet shells everywhere.

There was so much anger in the air that it made the atmosphere feel thick.”

“Remember, we don’t use the past tense when talking about Wardens,” says Ragnor.

Isabella rolls her eyes, then continues. “In the middle of it all was rule #20. ‘Nobody may use the elevators during a class 5 emergency.’ Obviously at that point, there was a lot more going on than a simple class 5 emergency. The rule didn’t just apply to Khalid, it applied to all of us.”

“Well I’m glad you’re so fond of me but we are getting off topic,” says Khalid. “Ozzy’s turn. Guess or answer.”

“Fine. I guess,” you say.

Isabella smiles. “Alright then, let’s see if you can guess rule #19.”

You think hard for a minute. You go through all the rules you’ve heard so far in your head, but there’s nothing in there about what Isabella described.

“I give up,” you say. “

What is it?”

Isabella grins slyly. “Rule #19. In the event of a class 5 emergency in the Warden headquarters, only rule #20 is in effect.”

Khalid and Ragnor both laugh. Even Fay smiles. You just blink in confusion.


Wait a minute… You can’t tell me that during a coup situation, there was no rule in effect. There had to be rules in place to begin with!

How else would you keep order? By magic?

That’s ridiculous!”

“Actually,” Fay says, “that’s how we kept order before Khalid created the Warden’s Council. Every organization needs regulations. It keeps things orderly and organized. That’s why during a class 5 emergency, all rules are off and everyone does whatever they need to do to survive. After the emergency, we go back through the rules, and see which should still be applied and which shouldn’t.

Pruning Spirea: Tips For Cutting Back Spirea Shrubs - Image

That was rule #19. Khalid just forgot to add a line about the cameras being locked, so we didn’t think that rule still applied.”

“But… But that’s stupid! That’s no way to keep order! You’re just making it up as you go!”

Isabella shrugs. “It kept us organized for hundreds of thousands of years. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but it got the job done. The only reason Khalid created the Warden’s Council was because we couldn’t reproduce anymore and needed a new way of keeping the humans in line. And now,” she spreads her arms out, “you get to reap the benefits.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” you say, standing up. “I’m done with this. If this is how you guys run things, no wonder you needed humans to help.”

You turn to leave, but Khalid grabs your shoulder. You turn around and throw a punch, which hits his jaw. He falls back into his seat, rubbing it as he glares at you.

What’s your problem?

We were just having some fun! Isabella, tell him it’s just a joke!”

Isabella looks at you with a neutral expression. “Sit down, Ozzy. You got us all excited, we thought you were actually smart enough to pick up on the clues.”

“You still could’ve told me the rules were just for fun,” you say, frowning.

And ruin the fun?”

Khalid says. “Fine, we’ll end the game. Now, since it’s obvious you didn’t pay attention to the clues, I’ll just tell you the rules. There were three. One, only Isabella and I could kill anyone except for you. Two, you had to guess the twenty rules in order to leave. And three, the game is over now. Let me just reiterate that last one – the game is over.”

You open your mouth to retort, but Khalid stands, raising his hand. “Enough. Isabella, Ragnor, take him to the preparation room.”

You’re about to shout in protest, but Khalid slams his fist down on the desk. “Don’t make this difficult, boy. You lost, fair and square. Take it like a man. Or at least…

Pruning Spirea: Tips For Cutting Back Spirea Shrubs at

A boy.”

With those words, Khalid and Fay stand, exiting through two different doors. Ragnor motions for you to follow him, so you do.

You walk along a hallway into a room that’s completely dark, aside from several glowing, blue scales scattered around the floor. There’s a set of bathroom scales in the corner of the room, a small bowl of green jelly and a tray of shot glasses on a table.

“Get on the scales,” Ragnor says.

“No,” you say defiantly.

Ragnor sighs, pulling out a small, black notebook and writing something in it. “Okay. Next question.

How good are you at geography? Can you tell me where Moscow is?”


Ragnor nods. “Continue.”

“I don’t know,” you say angrily. “I’ve never been there.”

“Excellent,” Ragnor says, making another note. “

Now, how many bones are there in the human body?”

“206,” you say loudly.

“iola!” Ragnor shouts.

The door opens, and a skinny, white-haired woman walks in. She’s wearing a black robe with a cowl, obscuring her face entirely.

Yes, sir?”

she asks.

“Show our guest to his room. He needs to prepare for the ritual. I’ll be there soon.

“Yes, sir,” she says, motioning for you to follow.

You stand and walk after her.

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