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The Problem With Forsythia Trees!

For Syphon Tree Pruning, You Need To Know About Trimming The Branches First!

Trimmed branches are usually not very attractive to look at. They don’t have much life left in them.

If you want to keep your trees healthy and strong, it’s better if they’re just kept short. But there is another way of keeping your trees healthy and strong without cutting off any branches or leaves. We’ll get to that a little later.

The branches on the syphon tree are very brittle and any slight breeze may cause them to break. This is because of their age and the lack of nutrients they have.

This means they’re prone to snapping if you lean or sit on them, so be careful! The bark on these trees is very rough and you might get a splinter or two from them. The leaves on the syphon tree are very large and green in colour. The shape of the leaves is circular, like the branches and trunks of the tree. The leaves are hollow, like tubes, and connect to the branches of the tree. If you look at the branches of the syphon tree, you can see small holes at their tips, with more holes along the sides. These holes are actually where nutrients are stored for the tree. These nutrients are released when the leaves and branches die, and are absorbed back into the tree.

When an animal eats part of a sycamore tree, it becomes unable to eat anything else for twenty-four hours because the fruit has a sticky consistency and clings to the animal’s face and mouth.

If you sit underneath a sycamore tree you are likely to become dry because the dried fruit that falls from the tree attracts a large amount of insects which may bite you.

The fruit of the sycamore tree is very brittle and contains a large number of minerals. If you eat too much of the fruit you may become very thirsty because all the minerals in the fruit take up a lot of room in your stomach, and may give you diarrhoea.

The dried fruit, if eaten in large quantities, may also cause belching.

Sycamores are very large trees that may be more than six hundred years old. They are usually found near rivers and in wet places because the moisture is needed for the tree to grow.

In large gardens, or parks, you may see rows of trees that were once used for a game called ‘Shove Ha’penny’. In this game, two people would each stand at either end of the row of trees, and then push coins, or ‘ha’pennies’, at the trees as hard as they could with their fists.

Forsythia Winter Damage: How To Treat A Cold Damaged Forsythia at

The person who pushed their coin the furthest up the row of trees would be declared the winner.

Sycamore trees were once very popular for building houses because they don’t rot like other woods do. This was because they didn’t have any pores in their trunks through which water could get in and make them decay.

Unfortunately, sycamore trees are now slowly becoming extinct because people are cutting them all down to make shire’s for houses. Because of this, only a few sycamore trees remain in the wood.

You might have seen sycamore trees in parks or large gardens. The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society used to hold an annual competition where people would try and push ‘ha’pennies’ (small coins) the furthest up the trunks of these trees using only their fists.

This was called ‘Shove Ha’penny’ and the person who got their coin the highest up the tree would be declared the winner.

The bark on a sycamore tree is very rough and if you rub it the wrong way (or the right way if you’re a tree!) it may give you a rash.

As you walk further along the path you notice that it starts to widen. The light on the path also seems to be getting brighter.

You turn a corner in the path and find that you are at the edge of a large clearing in the wood. In the middle of the clearing stands an old tree with a huge gnarled trunk and twisting roots that reach up into the sky like long arthritic fingers. The light here is very bright and you have to shield your eyes until they adjust to the change.

Sycamores are very large trees and can live for more than six hundred years. A tree expert would be able to tell how old a sycamore is by counting the rings on its stump.

These rings represent each year of the tree’s life. Each ring is as thick as the year was long.

It takes a long time for a sycamore tree to become hollow. Some trees only hollow out over many hundreds of years.

Although sycamores are large and imposing, they do not provide good shelter because their trunks are covered in rough bark that can give you painful scratches if you try and climb them. The twisting roots that hang down from the branches are much safer to hide behind though.

The bark on a sycamore tree is very rough and may give you a rash if you rub against it.

Forsythia Winter Damage: How To Treat A Cold Damaged Forsythia |

You are just about to leave the clearing and head back into the woods when you notice a large blocky shape on the other side of the tree. It looks like a smaller tree has fallen and is lying across the path.

You walk over to have a closer look.

There are two animal shapes carved onto either side of the tree trunk. They both look like rabbits but with extra detailing to show that they are actually inside shells.

Above the rabbits’ heads are two oval shapes. They look like eyes but you can see that there is something inside them. You reach out and touch one and find that it is a hollow tube of wood with a slit down the middle. It is a whistle!

You put your lips to the whistle and blow as hard as you can. A loud high-pitched tone screams out and you instantly drop the whistle because of the painful sound.

Your ear starts to ring and you feel a sharp stabbing pain. The source of the noise vanishes as soon as you let go of the whistle. You hold your hands over your ears and crouch down to wait for the ringing to stop.

The whistle stops hurting your ear but you cannot hear anything else. You bring your hands away from your head and you can hear a faint high-pitched tone that seems to be coming from all around you.

The sound is so faint that it is making your ear vibrate in time with the noise.

You look up and see that the whistles on the carving have become visible again. They are both playing notes in unison and vibrating in and out creating the high-pitched sound.

Forsythia Winter Damage: How To Treat A Cold Damaged Forsythia - Picture

You bring your hands back to your head to try and deaden the sound but it seems to be coming from inside your ear now. You can feel your ear drum pulsating in time to the noise.

You see a flash of brown fur and a small animal shape races past you. It is a rabbit!

The carving has come to life and is running along the ground. The whistles are still playing their high-pitched song and you feel like your ear is going to explode.

You reach out and grab the carving, intending to pull it from the whistle. Instead of wood you feel warm fur.

You grab tighter and notice that the carving doesn’t end at the wood. It has fur, legs and a tail just like a real rabbit.

You are mesmerized by the creature’s realism until you realize that it is not a carving at all. It is real!

The whistles continue to scream and your ear feels like it is going to explode. You put your hands over your ears to block out the noise but it does not help. In desperation you grab the rabbit’s tail and pull as hard as you can.

You see a flash of fur and feel the creature torn from your hands. You also feel a sudden pain in your hands as if you have been burned.

Then there is nothing but silence.

You bring your hands towards you to take a look. They are covered in blood and the skin is peeling off to reveal new pink skin underneath.

You quickly wipe the blood away and discover that the skin on the palms of your hands is gone but the skin on the rest of your body is unharmed.

Forsythia Winter Damage: How To Treat A Cold Damaged Forsythia - Picture

You are about to cry out when you notice that the rabbit is back on the whistle and the whistles have become black holes once more. It looks like you saved yourself from a terrible fate by grabbing hold of a creature that cannot exist.

You look around and see that everything is normal again. The whistles are silent and the rabbit is just a carving on the whistle.

You pick it up and dust it off before putting it back in its original position.

You leave the room feeling confused and shaken. Something strange has happened today but you do not know what.

The only thing you are sure about is that the old man was right. You should have left well alone.

You wander through the corridors until you find your way back to the entrance. You have left the tower and are retracing your steps through the undergrowth when you hear:

“I knew you would return.”

You turn to see the old man sitting in his wheelchair. He beckons you over with a crooked finger but you do not want to go any closer.

You have been naughty and been playing with the toys in the toybox haven’t you?”

he says, his eyes twinkling. “

Do you know what the penalty is for being naughty?”

You shake your head and notice that he is not a very good conductor as the movement causes a small arc of electricity to jump from his finger to your head. You are not hurt but you are surprised.

Forsythia Winter Damage: How To Treat A Cold Damaged Forsythia |

“The penalty is a spanking!” he says, laughing.

“Come here!”

You are about to run away when you realize that there is no escape. You can see the door just over the grassy hill in front of you but there is no way that you can reach it before the old man catches you in his vehicle.

You have no option but to submit and hope that the spanking will be as mild as the last time. You walk slowly towards him, trying not to make any sudden movements.

He chuckles as you approach and grabs you with his bony hands. He picks you up easily and plonks you across his knee.

You reach out to grab the wheelchair for support but draw back quickly when you feel the heat coming from the metal casing. You are in a very vulnerable position with no way of escape.

“You have been a naughty boy and you need a good spanking!” he says, as he lifts his large hand in preparation for bringing it down hard on your bottom.

The first spank lands and you let out an “OW!” of pain.

The second spank hits and is followed by another “OW!”

The old man seems to be getting enjoyment from your suffering as the spanks continue to rain down on your poor unprotected behind.

You try to wriggle free but each time you are rewarded with a spank for your troubles. You try to hold on to the wheelchair but the pain is too much and you let go.

“You won’t escape my spanking!” the old man laughs as he continues to spank you.

Soon it feels like your whole bum is on fire and you let out a yell that could be heard back in the tower.

“Enough! Please no more!

Forsythia Winter Damage: How To Treat A Cold Damaged Forsythia at

I promise I’ll be a good boy!” you beg as tears roll down your cheeks and snot comes out of your nose.

You sniff as you feel the spanking come to a halt.

“Thank you,” you whisper as you wipe your nose with your sleeve. “I promise to be good.”

“Of course you will,” the old man says, lifting you back onto your feet.

You rub your poor behind and take a deep breath to try calm yourself down. You are scared that the old man is going to do something worse to you than just spankings but he wheels himself back towards the tower.

“Come along boy, I’ll tuck you into bed,” he says.

You quickly follow him, looking over your shoulder in case you need to make a quick escape.

What’s your name?”

the old man asks.

My name?

It’s…” you begin to say before you realize that you don’t know your name.

You are stunned and confused by this revelation but the old man just shakes his head.

I forgot to ask you your name?”

the old man says. “That’s not like me at all.”

Forsythia Winter Damage: How To Treat A Cold Damaged Forsythia - Picture

He looks at you for a few seconds and shrugs his shoulders.

“I’ll call you Charlie.”

You have a feeling that the old man is crazy but you also think that it might be wise to go along with his choice of names. Besides, he has just spanked you so you don’t want to do anything that might make him angry.

The pair of you enter the control room and the old man wheels over to a wall. He pulls down a lever on a hidden panel and a small bed slides out of the wall.

He wheels back over to you and motions for you to go over to the bed.

So this is your bed?”

you ask.

“Yes, now off you pop,” the old man replies.

You climb underneath the sheets and snuggle down into the warm blankets. The mattress is really comfortable and you are already feeling sleepy.

“Night night,” the old man says as he turns off the lights, leaving you in total darkness.

You lie in the darkness and try to go to sleep. Unfortunately the temptation to get up and have a little look around is too much for you resist.

You slowly slide out of bed and creep over to the door. You press your ear up against it and try to listen for any sounds of the old man, but you can’t hear anything.

You slowly turn the door handle and push it open…

“Ah-ha! I knew you’d try to creep about,” you hear the old man shout.

You quickly turn around to see him standing in the doorframe. He wheels over to you and lifts you up under your armpits.

Forsythia Winter Damage: How To Treat A Cold Damaged Forsythia on

He carries you over to the bed and plonks you down on it.

“I’m not angry with you, but I will be if you try that again. This is my home and there are dangers here that you cannot comprehend,” the old man says in a firm but fair manner.

You nod your head in agreement and he smiles.

“Now, you just get some sleep, we’ll talk more in the morning,” he says.

You smile back at him and snuggle down into the blankets. Despite being confused and scared about what is happening, you feel safe in this room.

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