Guelder Rose (Viburnum opulosum)

The name “guelder” comes from the Spanish word “guello”, which means thorny. The plant genus name, Viburnum, refers to its native habitat in southern Europe where it grows in rocky hillsides and cliffs.

Its scientific name is Opuntia ferox. Viburnum is Latin for thorny.

The common names of the species are: Guelders, Thorny Roses, Spiky Roses, and Spiked Roses.

Guelder Rose plants have been used for centuries as a source of medicine and beauty products such as perfumes and lotions. They were also used in folk remedies to treat skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis.

They were also used to make perfume oils from their flowers and leaves. The plant was also used to make a tea with its leaves and flowers called “gueldar”.

In the early 1900’s, guelder rose plants were used as ornamental shrubs in gardens and parks. However, they became popular among gardeners because of their attractive foliage and fragrant blossoms.

Today, these beautiful plants are grown throughout the world for their gorgeous foliage. Some of them grow up to 10 feet tall!

In some Eastern European countries, the plant is still used in traditional medicine. The fruit is used to make jams, jellies, and wines.

The flowers are also popular among cooks who use them in various desserts and baked goods.

Growth Habit

Guelder rose plants can grow up to about 15 feet tall, but most of the time they only grow to about 10 feet tall. They grow wider than they do taller, sometimes growing up to 6 feet wide.

They prefer moist soil with good drainage, but they can grow in almost any type of soil. They can also grow in full sun or partial shade. They can even grow in dry soil, which makes them a very hardy and easy to grow shrub. They bloom in the summer and fall.

Guelder Rose Viburnums – How To Care For Guelder Rose Plants -

Origin And Distribution

The Guelder Rose is native to central and southern Europe. It is found growing wild in fields, hillsides, and rocky woods.

They are found from Scandinavia to northern Africa and as far east as the Caucuses. They are also naturalized throughout North America.


The Guelder Rose shrub grows on a multitude of different soil types, including sand, loam, and clay. They can grow in dry soil and wet soil, but they prefer soil with good drainage.

When fully grown, these shrubs can reach up to 16 feet tall and about 6 feet wide.

These shrubs have oblong leaves that are about 2-4 inches long. The leaves are dark green in color and slightly rough to the touch.

They produce white flowers which have a leafy appearance. From these white flowers, the shrub produces small red fruits. These shrubs bloom and grow during the summer months. The fruits ripen in the fall and can persist on the shrub through the winter months. They have very smooth skin and a waxy texture.

To propagate more Guelder Rose shrubs, you can divide the roots or cuttings. To do this, dig around the plant and gently lift it from the ground.

Separate the root ball and plant the shrub in moist soil.

These shrubs are commonly found throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. It is not considered to be threatened or endangered.

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Guelder Rose shrubs prefer moist soil that has good drainage. They can grow in full or partial sun, but they will grow bigger if they have access to full sun.

The shrubs can also tolerate dry soil; however, they will not grow as big or as beautiful.

These shrubs are considered to be very hardy and disease resistant. They do not need to be pruned unless you want to keep them shorter than they naturally grow.

If you want to protect your Guelder Rose shrubs from being eaten by deer, you can plant them in a wire mesh fence. The fence should be at least 8 feet tall and covered with landscape fabric or burlap to keep the deer from jumping over it.

During the winter months, you may want to apply a thick layer of mulch over the roots of the Guelder Rose. Be sure to remove the mulch in the spring.


When using the Guelder Rose, be sure to wear gloves when handling it since it can irritate the skin. You can also use a piece of clothing to hold it or put in a pot.


The fruit of the Guelder Rose can be used to make jams and jellies. It can also be used to make wine and even vinegar.

The flowers are typically used to make tea and are also edible. The flowers can also be steeped in alcohol to make a refreshing perfume. The fruit has also been used medicinally since the Middle Ages. It was originally used to treat internal bleeding and later on it was used to treat sexually transmitted diseases. It is now typically used as a laxative.

Guelder Rose Viburnums – How To Care For Guelder Rose Plants |

The Guelder Rose’s uses in magic and witchcraft are extensive, and it has been used for a variety of different things by a multitude of cultures. It is used in love spells and incenses, hex-breaking, and protection magic.

It can be used to protect a home or a person from evil magic. In the case of the latter, the Guelder Rose should be used in combination with the Olive Tree for maximum effectiveness.

During the 17th century, Guelder Rose was considered to be an essential herb to have when dealing with spirits since it commanded respect from them.

The Guelder Rose is also associated with the element of water and the zodiac signs of Virgo and Taurus.

Warnings about the Guelder Rose

Given the fact that the Guelder Rose is used in protective magic and is so closely associated with protection, it isn’t surprising that there are warnings against using it if the intent is for doing harm.

The Guelder Rose has a reputation for being able to protect its user from evil magic; however, it’s important to note that the protection is only as effective as the intentions of the user are pure.

If you wish harm upon someone else, no amount of Guelder Rose protection will keep you safe.

The Guelder Rose is associated with the Archangel Michael, so you may wish to call on him for protection if you feel you need it.

You may also want to dispel any curses or hexes that have been cast against you by destroying the object(s) used in the spell, such as a poppet.


If you feel that you are being hexed or cursed, it is best to seek the help of a reputable practitioner of magic rather than attempting to dispel the spell yourself. Dispelling hexes and curses is an advanced topic in magic that should not be attempted by beginning witches or warlocks.

This is a guide for informational purposes only.

Broomsticks, Sticks and Other Tools

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The Guelder Rose is a popular choice of wood to make magic wands from. The wood has a positive energy that can only enhance the power of any spell.

The Guelder Rose is often used to make other magic tools as well. It can be used to make magical wands, amulets, potion stirrers, and even broomsticks.

If you are looking for a quality broom, one made from Guelder Rose is an excellent choice. When you sweep away unwanted energies or forces of darkness, you can be confident that you are handling a tool that was specifically chosen for such purposes.

In fact, there are a number of witches who only use Guelder Rose brooms.

The Olive Tree

(Olea Europaea)

The Olive has been grown and cultivated in the Mediterranean region for over 7000 years. It is an Old World tree that has been associated with health, beauty, and peace.

It is also associated with wisdom, immortality, and prosperity.

The Olive is also used in many religious ceremonies and is associated with fertility, which makes it a very sexually charged plant.

In ancient Greece, the goddess Athena gathered the Olive together with the Apple and cultivated them for their nutritional and healing value.

The Olive Tree is sacred to the god Apollo because its oil can be used to cure poisoning.

The Olive is a magic tree that has been used for centuries in charms, amulets, and other types of magic.

Magical Properties:

Guelder Rose Viburnums – How To Care For Guelder Rose Plants on

The Olive tree can be used in all types of magic, especially love magic.

It can also be used as a protective charm and is especially useful for averting harm from one’s children.

The Olive has a long history of being associated with immortality and was often used in spells and charms designed to grant long life.

An Olive branch was often placed on graves in the belief that this would prevent the deceased from becoming undead.

The Olive tree can be especially helpful to gardeners, though it is not limited solely to those with magic abilities.

If you plant an Olive sapling in your garden, you should notice a very positive change in the condition of your other plants. They will grow faster, be less prone to disease, and generally be more resistant to pests.

The Olive is especially helpful to gardeners who grow fruit and vegetable, as it will increase the yield and nutritive value.

If you simply want your garden to look beautiful, planting an Olive tree is also a great idea. It has a nice shape and produces lovely white flowers.

Due to its positive effects on one’s surroundings, some people wear an Olive branch in their hair as a way of protecting themselves from evil spirits.

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If you have Olive oil in your home, you can use it for medicinal purposes. It can be used to soothe sunburn, moisturize dry skin, and cure digestive ailments.

The Olive tree is sacred to the god Dionysus and also associated with the goddess Demeter.

(Zamia Multipunctata)

The Zamia is a tropical plant that grows in the southern swamps of the Old World. It is a slow-growing plant that doesn’t produce flowers.

Instead it produces small flowers on the ends of long green stems that rise out of the water.

Due to its magical nature, an infestation of Zamia is deadly to all creatures within a certain radius.

When harvested properly, this plant can be used as a base for many types of magical potions and spells. As far as witch doctors are concerned, it is the perfect material to make poison magic even deadlier.

It should be noted that this is a very potent ingredient and can cause several side effects, including death, to those who use it.

Magical Properties:

The Zamia has several interesting uses in magic. It can be used to create poisons of all types, though it is most commonly used to create instant death poisons.

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It is also used for curing and healing potions, and in some rare cases, growth potions.

The Zamia can also be used in certain love spells and charms.

The most interesting use of the Zamia is in making a potion that blocks all types of magic, though this is very hard to make and usually unsuccessful.

The Zamia can only be found in its natural habitat in the swamps of Nuro. It grows slowly and is a prime target for herbalists and alchemists who come all the way to Nuro to harvest it.

Due to its slow growth and rarity, the Zamia is the most valuable plant based ingredient.

From a far, the Zamia looks like a normal tree, but once you get up close to it, you begin to notice differences. The first being that it has no leaves and thick green vines that cover it.

The Zamia is a very interesting plant because despite being a tree, it cannot stand on its own. It always needs to be leaning against another object, such as another tree.

The Zamia is also a very sacred plant to the people of Nuro. There are many old legends and tales about it, most of which are nonsense or crazy superstitions such as “Don’t step on a Zamia leaf or you’ll get warts”.

Despite this, most people in Nuro still respect the plant and don’t harm it.


The fulgurium is a rare plant that grows only in the most lightning-riddled peaks of the Cloudpeake Mountains. It is a short, stiff plant that has extremely hard wood and can only grow in very rocky and hard to reach places.

Guelder Rose Viburnums – How To Care For Guelder Rose Plants |

Because of this, gathering the fulgurium requires great skill and strength, two traits that are common in the tribe known as the “Lightning Lords”. The fulgurium, when struck by lightning, gathers and absorbs it into the wood. This wood can then be used as a natural conductor of electricity.

Magical Properties:

The fulgurium is the primary reagent in the creation of shocking weapons such as shock sticks and wands. It is also used in certain types of shocking armor.

Fulgurium weapons and armor are extremely rare and are some of the most powerful weapons in the world due to their ability to conduct lightning

(The Blood Lotus)

The blood lotus is a rare herb that can only be found in the deepest, darkest swamps of Nuro. It has long, thin green leaves with purple spots.

The leaves have a round stem and the flowers are a deep red.

Magical Properties:

The blood lotus has powerful magical properties, though it is not used as much as other herbs. It is usually mixed with other potions to enhance the positive effects and eliminate the negative effects.


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Eternium is a metal that is forged and molded under extreme heat. It has numerous helpful uses in the medical field.

Most of the items made out of Eternium are tools used by doctors and nurses. While extremely sturdy, it is also light weight enough that it can be easily handled by a patient, should they need to.


The ruffiannium alloy is a metal used primarily in building structures. It is very sturdy and strong.

It is usually used in devices that require extreme durability.


Impervium is a special coating used to protect devices that are extremely exposed to the outside environment. For example, impervium bows are used when climbing mountains, as they can withstand the harsh wind and cold that come with it.

(Magnesium Alloy)

Magnesium is a metal that, when combined with another metal, creates an alloy of great use in specific circumstances. Magnesium and titanium create a light-weight but strong alloy great for helmets, which are often required when climbing or exploring dangerous mountains.

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(Ghost Iron)

Ghost iron is a rare metal found only in areas with lots of moonlight. It is very soft and malleable, yet it is also very sturdy and great for building things that require flexibility.

Any buildings or devices made from ghost iron bend instead of breaking. For example, ghost iron can be used to make windows that won’t shatter but instead bend inward.


Carmenium is extremely valuable metal that is rarely used in any common devices. It is a silver-white metal that’s main use is in wiring and other internal parts of a device or machine.

It is very beneficial in that it is both heat and energy conductive.

(Black Iron)

Black iron is a dark gray, almost black metal that isn’t commonly found in modern cities. It can only be mined from large rocks.

Black iron is very sturdy and strong, making it a great option for weapons and armor.


Mithril is a rare silver metal that is light weight but very strong. It is commonly used in magic devices due to it’s magical conductive abilities.

Guelder Rose Viburnums – How To Care For Guelder Rose Plants on

It can be used to great effect in most all magic devices (especially wands)


Adamantium is a very rare metal found only in the most extreme conditions. It can only be mined from a few caves located on the tops of large mountains, which makes mining extremely dangerous.

Any tools or weapons made from adamantium are very durable and strong. It is commonly used in mining tools due to it’s strength and heavy durability.

(Zalien Star Metal)

Zalien Star Metal is a metal mined from the center of the Zalien Star. It is so heavy that a single brick of it weighs about 500 pounds here on earth.

Because of its high gravity, the star produces crystals and minerals that couldn’t possible exist here on earth. Due to its intense weight, it is commonly used in space travel. Special ships can withstand the weight of zalien and fly using propellors. The metal is so rare that it can only be found on the few planets and asteroids in close proximity to the Zalien Star, and even then it is extremely rare.

(Kovolis Alloy)

Kovoloy is a rare silver-white metal that was only recently discovered less than a decade ago. It is currently being used in most all electronics and has replaced copper as the main metal for wiring.

It is both light weight and extremely durable.

(Dilithium Crystals)

Dilithium is a silver-white mineral that can only be found in the depths of space, specifically asteroid fields. It is most commonly used in the creation of starships as it helps regulate the speed in which a ship can travel.

It has also been found to alter the speed of which a ship can turn, or change directions.

(Yurtrus Crystals)

Guelder Rose Viburnums – How To Care For Guelder Rose Plants - Image

Yurtrus crystals are a very rare type of crystal that have recently been discovered. It is currently only found on the Yurtrus planet, which is why it’s discovery was so recent.

They are most common in the smaller animals that live on the planet, but can also be found in small quantities in the large ones. These crystals are used in most electronics and to make lasers. They are also used in some medical equipment due to their healing abilities. Due to the planets extreme temperatures, mining is extremely dangerous, therefore yurtus crystals are very expensive.

(Zevakt Crystals)

Zevakt crystals are an uncommon type of crystal that can only be found on the Zevakt Mountain range. They are red and orange in color and can be found in most rocks on the planet as small, scarce pieces.

They are commonly used in most all electronics. Due to the planets lack of law and order, mining the crystals is very dangerous, therefore they are very expensive.

(Aru-Tentis Crystals)

Aru-Tentis crystals are a very rare type of crystal that can only be found on the Aru-Tentis planet. Due to the planets extreme temperatures and harsh environment, these crystals are extremely rare.

Most of them are found in the bones of very old and large creatures that once roamed the planet long ago. They are commonly used in most all electronics due to their ability to store solar energy.

Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are extremely rare. They are only minted by the Empire of Aru-Tolok, and each one can be exchanged for 10,000 gold coins.

They are only accepted within the Empire of Aru-Tolok, and their rareness makes them more desirable than gold.

(Platinum Coins)


Guelder Rose Viburnums – How To Care For Guelder Rose Plants - Picture

The Five Empire Alliance was formed during the Great Elemental Wars of -1223 EC. It was a last ditch effort to stop the growing threat of the Great Elemental Lord.

At that time, there were five prominent nations all threatened by the potential destruction that GEL could unleash. The Five Empires were the Empire of Aru-Tolok, the Kingdom of Nakol, the Delerg Empire, the Kovi Federation and the Felkan Kingdom. The five nations joined forces as one in order to save themselves from utter destruction. This was not an easy task however, as there were many internal conflicts between the citizens of each nation. For the first time in history, people of different heritages and races all banded together for a common cause.

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