Yellow Sago Palm Leaves Turning Yellow?

Sago palms are tropical trees native to South America. They grow up to 10 feet tall and have smooth green or yellowish-green leaves with several short spines along their margins. These fronds (frondi) make up the majority of the tree’s trunk and branches. They provide shade and are used in many traditional South American dishes such as chicharrones, paella, and empanadas.

The leaves turn yellow when they become damaged from insects or other causes. There are several reasons why the leaves may turn yellow. Some of them include:

1. Insect damage: The most common cause of yellowing leaves is insect attack.

A few insects commonly known to cause yellowing leaves are ants, aphids, scale bugs, whiteflies and thrips. Other insects that may cause yellowing leaves include leafhoppers and caterpillars.

2. Degradation of the plant material: The fungus called Phytophthora ramorum may also cause yellowing leaves.

When this fungus attacks the roots of plants it damages the root system causing the plant to wilt and die.

3. Poor watering practices may also cause yellowing leaves.

Yellowing leaves often results in a stressed plant and a stressed plant is more likely to become infected by disease or insect infestation.

4. Overwatering may also cause yellowing leaves.

If the soil is constantly soaked, the roots never dry out and the plants begin to suffocate causing yellowing leaves.

5. Maintaining the wrong pH balance in the soil may also cause yellowing leaves.

Yellow Sago Palm Fronds: Reasons For Sago Leaves Turning Yellow - Picture

6. Maintaining an improper temperature may also cause yellowing leaves.

7. Inadequate lighting causes yellowing leaves.

So, Yellow Sago Palm fronds turning into yellow?

It is recommended to seek professional help by an expert such as an Arborist or a Horticulturist. To solve any problem relating to Yellow Sago Palms, seek an expert immediately and maintain proper records of your interactions with the expert for future reference.

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