American Horseradish Information: Tips On Growing American Horseradish Tree

Horseradish (Horsetail) is a common plant found throughout the United States. It grows from ground level up to three feet high. Its leaves are small, oval and pointed at both ends. They have five leaflets each with four petals and two sepals. The flowers are white or pinkish purple and grow on short stalks which resemble horseshoes.

The name “horseradish” comes from the fact that it resembles a horseshoe. It was first introduced into North America in New England during the late 1700’s. Since then, it has spread throughout most of the country. There are many varieties of horseradish plants including those native to Europe and Asia.

How To Grow American Horseradish Tree?

Growing American Horseradish Tree is easy if you have some basic gardening skills. You will need a sunny location and good drainage. If your soil is sandy, you may want to add peat moss or composted cow manure to improve drainage. A well drained potting mix will provide plenty of room for your growing American horseradish tree.

Plant the horseradish in full sun and water regularly when the soil feels dry around the roots. You can harvest the roots of your American Horseradish Tree at any time. Just whack off what you need and they will quickly regenerate. They are ready to harvest when they are about the size of a golf ball. Peel the brown skin off and grate to add to your favorite dishes to provide that spicy kick!

These plants can grow quite large, so give them plenty of room in your garden!

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Horseradish History

Horseradish has been used as a condiment by many cultures for over 2,000 years.

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The ancient Egyptians were cultivating horseradish, and it is depicted on the temple at Karnak.

The ancient Greeks and Romans both valued horseradish as a medicine as well as a food item.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, horseradish was often used as a cure for scurvy by sea faring people.

As a food, it was commonly eaten by Eastern Europeans and popular in Germany, where it is still popular today.

How To Plant Horseradish

You can purchase your horseradish root from a farmer’s market or grocery store.

It should be firm and plump, with no sign of mold or soft spots. It should also have its leaves attached.

You will need to keep the root in a cool place out of the sun until you are ready to plant it. This will keep it fresh for several weeks.

Planting horseradish is very easy.

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