How Often Do You Need To Water A Cactus Plant?

Cacti are perennial plants that require regular watering. They grow best when they receive at least one inch (2.5 cm) of rain per year. If you live in a dry climate, then it would be better if you get your cacti watered once every two weeks instead of once every month like the rest of us do!

If you have a cactus that needs frequent watering, then there are several ways to accomplish this task. One way is to simply buy a water dispenser.

These devices come with multiple levels so that you can adjust the amount of water dispensed out according to your plant’s requirements. Another option is to use a drip irrigation system which uses small holes in the soil around the base of the plant where water runs down into it.

Watering a cactus is not only beneficial for its own sake but also for the health of other plants in your garden. Plants that are regularly watered will produce healthier leaves and flowers than those that aren’t.

The following table lists some common questions about watering a cactus:

Question Answer What kind of soil do I want to use?

Soil type depends upon what kind of plant you have. There are different kinds of cacti, so you need to know what kind you have before you start. Different kinds need different soil. If you aren’t sure of the exact type, and it’s a desert dweller (not an ice dweller) then just buy some cactus potting soil from your local nursery or garden center.

Do I water my cacti with the water from our house?

No. It’s good for you and me, but our plumbing contains very harmful minerals for cacti. Cacti are very delicate and even the minerals found in our water can cause burns or other damage. Instead, use rainwater, distilled water, or in a pinch, filtered water.

How much water do I give it?

This depends on the size of the plant. A rule of thumb for watering is to pour until you see at least 10% of the soil become wet. Do not water again until the soil is dry.

How often should I do this?

You should water once a week to start, then adjust as necessary.

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