How To Get Rid Of Black Sooty Mold On Citrus Trees?

Black sooty mold (Sooty Mould) is a fungus that grows on citrus trees. It causes black spots or patches on leaves and branches. Black sooty mold can cause damage to your tree if not treated properly. You may want to take action immediately before it becomes too late!

Black Sooty Mold Symptoms:

Black patches appear on the leaves and branches of your citrus trees. They are usually darker than the surrounding foliage.

These patches are very noticeable when looking at the tree directly. The black patches look like they have been burned into the bark of the tree. If left untreated, these spots will eventually grow larger and cover up all other areas of leaf coloration on your tree’s trunk, branches, and even some parts of its fruitbodies.

Symptoms of Black Sooty Mold:

If you notice any of the following symptoms, then your tree is affected with black sooty mold:

The area around the spot where the patch appears to be burnt into the bark is discolored and looks like a blackened crust. The discoloration extends down onto the branch and sometimes even onto part of its fruitbody.

The discolorations extend down towards the base of your tree.

When you peel off the outer layer of bark from the trunk it looks very dark and almost charred. It is very brittle to touch and snaps off very easily.

The wood directly underneath the bark has a charred look to it and feels very dry when touched.

The leaves affected by this condition turn completely black and wither away rapidly. They will start to fall off on their own accord.

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If the black sooty mold spreads across the entire leaf then it will cause it to fall off completely.

The fruitbodies of your tree will start to grow strangely and deform heavily. They will be a lot thinner than usual and the skin will start to crack and split open.

Fungal growths may or may not occur on your tree’s fruitbody.

If you are growing your tree in a container or a pot, then the container or the pot will start to crack and break apart. The same can be said if your tree is growing inside of your home or some other structure that may have poor air-quality.

How To Get Rid Of Black Sooty Mold:

What is a natural way to get rid of Black Sooty Mold?

Once you have identified your tree to be suffering from this condition, then you need to take action immediately to get rid of black sooty mold!

One thing you can do to stop the spread is to remove any leaves or branches that are infected by the mold. You can then dispose of these in a garbage bag and throw them away some place that it won’t cause any harm to anyone or anything else.

Remember not to use a plastic bag or it will cause the bag to melt!

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