Fire Escape Garden Kit

The most common type of fire escape garden kit are the ones with the built-in lights. These kits usually come in different sizes and colors, and they’re designed to fit into your home’s ceiling or wall.

You can buy these kits from many retailers like Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, etc. They may cost anywhere between $30-$100 depending on how much you want them to look like a real fire escape.

If you don’t have any money to spend on a kit, then you can always make one yourself. There are lots of DIY fire escape garden plans online.

You could even use some old clothes hangers or other items around your house. If you really want something fancy, there are also companies that sell kits made out of solid wood or metal. Some of these kits include extra lighting options such as LED lights or even candles.

It’s not necessary to get a kit if you just want to put plants on your own fire escape. However, if you do choose to go with a kit, make sure that the manufacturer recommends using only non-toxic products when planting your plants.

Also, make sure that the manufacturer provides instructions on how to care for your plantings after they’ve been planted.

Fire Escape Ideas

Is Fire Escape Gardening Legal?

This is a very important question. While you may think that there are no rules about what you can and can’t do on your personal property, local governments have the power to make up their own rules or enforce existing ones if they see fit. These rules are called ordinances. They’re usually applied differently from town to town, city to city, or even neighborhood to neighborhood. It’s important that if you choose to put plants on your fire escape that you ask your local government first whether they are OK with it or not. Your local government office can be found on your city website. The people there should be able to tell you whether fire escape garden ideas are permitted or not.

Is It Illegal To Put Plants On Fire Escape?

Putting plants on fire escapes is not illegal in most places, at least not in the USA. It’s also becoming more popular in other countries as well. In fact, there are many people who actually do it without even realizing that it’s not a crime!

Why Is It Not Illegal?

Putting plants on your fire escape may not be illegal simply because it doesn’t really hurt anyone. If it was made illegal, you’d think that there would be a big campaign to stop people from doing it. Since this doesn’t seem to be the case, it can be assumed that it’s perfectly fine. Of course, as we mentioned above, you should still check with your local government just to make sure.

Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Putting plants on fire escapes is becoming popular because of how easy and cheap it is to do so. All you really need to create your own fire escape garden is some basic tools, some seeds or young plants, and something to hang them on (depending on what type of planters you’re using).

The cost of doing this is next to nothing in most cases. Most people have old clothes hangers that they can melt down and turn into planters.

You can also get clothes line wire or plastic line wire at your local dollar store. This can be used as a cheap substitute for clothes hangers.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

There are other benefits to fire escape gardening beyond legality and low cost. They take up very little space, allowing you to grow plants in urban environments where it might not be practical or legal to build a garden. They’re also great for beginners who want to start gardening but don’t have room for a full garden or those with poor conditions where the soil is too hard to dig up.

Why Not Just Use Traditional Containers Instead?

While there’s nothing wrong with using traditional planters such as window boxes or hanging baskets, there are a few reasons why using your fire escape might be preferable. The main one is that containers tend to dry out much faster than soil. Fire escapes allow your plants to grow in soil, which means they’ll be better hydrated and less prone to drying out.

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You also have much more flexibility when it comes to types of plants. While you can grow most plants in a traditional container, some plants need a lot of root space and will quickly become unruly (especially if you’re growing upwards rather than outwards).

With fire escapes, you can easily plant multiple small plants in one pot rather than a single large plant. This means that you can grow things like tomatoes which need a lot of vertical space.

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