Venus Fly Traps are very interesting creatures. They have been around for millions of years and they are not really known to any other species. There are many different kinds of them, but there is only one kind that humans actually encounter every now and then – the garden variety. These little carnivorous flies are tiny, and they live in the soil all over the world. Most people don’t even think about them because they are so common. But if you want to keep your own venus fly traps alive, you need to learn what’s good for them!

The following information will give you everything you need to know about growing a Venus Fly Trap from seeds. You’ll get tips on where to buy seeds, which plants to plant, how long to wait before harvesting fruits or vegetables and much more.

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What Is A Venus Fly Trap?

A Venus Fly Trap is a type of carnivorous fly that lives in the soil. It is a small plant that can be kept in a pot or in the ground. The snare of this plant are very small hairs located on its leaves edges; they look like little red bumps. When an insect such as a fly or ant crawls across these hairs, they react by shutting tight around the prey. The animal is then digested by the plant and nutrients are absorbed into the soil.

What Do You Need To Start A Fly Trap Garden?

You’ll need:

3 Bowls


Potting Soil


Trowel or Shovel

Protective Gear (Optional)


1. The first thing you need to do is get a few bowls.

Fill the first one with water. Fill the second one with soapy water and then fill the third one with plain water.

Grow A Venus Fly Trap: How To Care For A Venus Fly Trap - Image

2. Prepare the area where your plant will be located.

If you are planting this outside, make sure that the sunshine won’t be blocked by any structures when it grows and that there is plenty of room for its roots to grow. If you are planting the venus fly trap in the ground, use a trowel or shovel to dig a hole big enough for it to fit in.

3. Wearing protective gear, place the venus fly trap into the hole.

The soil level should be equal with the ground or pot the venus fly trap is in now.

4. After placing the venus fly trap in the ground, pour some water on the soil around it to make sure that it is well hydrated.

Then fill in the hole and pat down until the soil is firmly compacted around the venus fly trap.

5. Now you need to take care of your plant until it grows big enough to survive on its own.

If you planted the venus fly trap outside, make sure to water it every other day. If you live in a hot or dry area, make sure to water it everyday.

6. Fertilize it once a month with an all-purpose fertilizer.

Grow A Venus Fly Trap: How To Care For A Venus Fly Trap -

7. Watch as the venus fly trap grows bigger and bigger!

Why Take Care Of A Fly Trap?

These plants are native to North and South Carolina in the United States.

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