What Is A Bosc Pear?

Bosc pear (Pyrus communis) is a small tree with a very long life span. The average lifespan of a bosc pear is about 50 years. They are native to South America and grow in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The name “bosc” comes from the Spanish word “bascal”, which means little or baby. The fruit of the bosc pear grows up to 30 cm tall and 10 cm wide. The wood is light brown and soft, making it suitable for furniture making. It’s not known how they got their name because there are many other trees called “boscs”.

The leaves of the bosc pear are greenish yellow in color, while the bark is dark green. The flowers are white or pink and grow on a stalk at the top of the trunk. The fruits are round, oval or heart shaped and have a smooth surface. The flesh is sweet and juicy when ripe.

How To Grow Bosc Pear Trees?

Growing bosc pear trees requires good soil conditions, plenty of sunlight and moisture. If the temperature stays above 25°C during winter months, then the tree will die out due to lack of water. During winter, the temperature can fall to around 5-10°C. The soil should be rich and deep. A mixture of loam, peat and sand is an ideal choice. This fruit tree requires plenty of sunlight, around 5 hours daily. During summer months, plenty of water is required for bosc pears or they may wither away.

How To Care For Your Bosc Pear Trees?

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