Maple Tree Planting Pros And Cons:

Pros Of Fall Blaze Maple Trees:

The leaves are small and light brown with a few white streaks. Leaves grow in clusters of 3 or 4 and have no sharp points at the tips. They are slightly curved and pointed. The leaf blades are thin, not too short nor too long.

Leaves turn from green to yellowish-brown when they mature into fall blossom stage (late summer). The bark is smooth and dark brown. The trunk is straight and strong, with a narrow base. Leaves are attached to the branches in twining patterns called “cords”. Each cord is only 1/4 inch wide. There are several kinds of leaves found on fall blossom maple trees. Some of them are very small, others have large leaflets like those on a cherry tree but smaller than those on a cherry tree’s flowers. Leaves are arranged in rows along the branches. These rows of leaves look like a flower bed.

Fall Blight Maple Trees:

Blights occur when insects attack the buds and shoots of the maple tree. Blights cause the tree to lose its beauty and appearance, and it becomes weak, wobbly, limp, or even die. A blight may affect one side or both sides of a branch if left untreated for too long. Blights can be prevented with the use of insecticides or fungicides, or they can be cut off and disposed of to keep the tree healthy.

The bark on a red maple tree is thin and smooth, ranging in color from grayish-brown to red-brown. Large plates with fine ridges make up the stripped pattern. These patterns do not spread out as the wood ages, making it easy to see that the tree is a young one.

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