Learn About Crystal Apple Cucumber History

The history of apple and cucumber is quite interesting. Both are members of the same family (Cucurbitaceae) but have different characteristics. They both grow from seeds, which means they must be pollinated before they will germinate into fruit. However, the difference between them lies in their growth habits.

Apple trees tend to produce large fruits with a high sugar content. On the other hand, cucurbits are small fruits that ripen slowly and contain less sugar than an average apple.

Apple Cucumber Facts:

Both apples and cucumbers belong to the same family (Cucurbitaceae).

They both grow from seeds.

Both fruits are edible.

Their names come from the fact that they look like apples and cukes respectively.

The former is a large fruit that grows on trees.

Learn About Crystal Apple Cucumber History | igrowplants.net

The latter comes in small sizes that grow on vines.

The average apple contains more sugar than the average cucumber.

Due to their differences, they are grown, handled and eaten differently.

History Of The Apple Cucumber: Origins Of The Apple

The origins of the apple can be tracked back to Kazakhstan in central Asia.

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