Homemade Bumblebee Nesting Box Plans

Bees are very social creatures. They live in colonies with many members.

Bees are very good at working together and they have a strong sense of loyalty to their colony. If one member dies, then the whole colony will die because they need all the strength to survive. The queen is the head of the colony and she controls everything. She decides what kind of food to feed her young, which flowers to visit, when to mate with other males and females, etc.

The most common type of nest made by bees is called a “hive”. There are two types of hives:

1) Individual cells (cells) where individual bees live inside them.

These honeycombs look like miniature gardens with different kinds of plants growing there.

2) Hive chambers (chambers) where thousands of bees live.

These honeycomb-like structures contain millions of bees living inside them.

A hive contains several rooms connected by passages or tunnels. Each room contains a single entrance and exits through the passage or tunnel.

The entrances and exits are usually hidden from view so that no one would suspect anything was wrong.

Honeycomb is hexagonal in shape. This shape helps the bees with their work, so that they can move the brood or honey easily from cell to cell.

If the chambers in a hive are changed in any way, then this design is preserved as much as possible.


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These are the hexagonal-shaped cells where the baby bees grow.


These hexagonal-shaped cells contain honey. Some of the honey is immediately sealed within the cell for eating, while other hives are sealed with wax and taken by bees to be eaten later or to be used as a food source during the winter.


These chambers are storage places and usually take the form of a honeycomb. The space is not very large, but it is enough to store the surplus honey that the bees make during the spring.


A honeycomb has many hexagonal shapes that look like walls. Each chamber in a honeycomb contains walls made up of only three or four cells.

This design allows the comb to expand in size easily as more bees start storing honey in the comb. It also allows the bees to use more of the space within the comb.

Brood (baby bees) are raised in these hexagonal-shaped cells. If a queen is present in the colony, then she will lay eggs in these cells.

The eggs will hatch into larvae and then into adult bees. It takes about 21 days for an egg to become an adult bee if everything goes well. If the queen’s wings or legs are damaged, then this process may take longer.

The average worker bee lives for about six weeks in the spring, but that can be extended to up to five months during the winter. During the winter, bees do not leave the hive to look for food; instead, they survive off honey that was gathered earlier in the year.

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The bees use the hexagonal walls of the honeycomb cells to store honey. They collect this from flowers and then add a special enzyme to it.

This enzyme makes the honey thick and sticky so that it does not spoil as quickly. It can even survive in beehives that have capsized in water! The bees fan the honey with their wings to help cool it and keep the moisture content low. They use this honey as food when flowers are not present in the area or if there is a dearth (lack) of pollen.

Honeyguide Bees are often used by humans to find beehives. These bees make a high-pitched squeak that is inaudible to the human ear, but can be heard by other Honeyguide bees and humans with special training.

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