How Do I Dispose Of Sod?

Sod Removal From Old Turf: Tips On What To Do With Removed Sod

In order to get rid of the grass, you need to cut it off. You may use a lawn mower or you can go for a tractor and pull it out yourself. If you are going for the tractor method, then there are some things which will make your job easier.

First of all, you have to keep a close eye on the grass because if it gets too high, then you won’t be able to see it anymore. So, you need to maintain a good distance between yourself and the grass. Also, don’t try cutting through the grass at one time; rather cut it into pieces so that when you pull up the grass with your tractor, it doesn’t look like a big pile of green stuff.

You might think that you would need a shovel to dig out the sod, but in fact, you don’t need any tools. All you have to do is break up the sod with your hands. However, before doing this, make sure that the ground around it isn’t hard and muddy. You can easily damage your hand if you step on mud while digging out the sod.

If possible, dig out the sod in one go without taking much breaks in between. If you stop in between, the mud will start to dry up and this will make your job tougher. After you have dug out the entire area, just throw the sods in a different part of your yard.

What To Do With Dead Sod: Remove Sod From Turf

When it comes to disposing of dead grass, you can either remove the turf completely or keep it intact along with the roots.

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