How To Harvest Herbs: How To Pinch Back Basil

Pinching is one of the most common ways to gather herbs. However, it can be very time consuming and labor intensive if done incorrectly. If you are new to pincushion harvesting, then here’s what you need to know before you begin!

What You Need For A Good Pinched Basil Pinching Method?

A good pinched basil method requires a few things. First, you’ll need some sort of knife or scissors. Second, you’ll need something to catch your fingers when they’re moving around while picking up the herbs. Third, you’ll want something to hold down the herbs so that they don’t fall off of your hand during the process. Finally, you will need a container large enough for all of these items (and yourself).

The Best Way To Pick Up Your Hands While Pinching Basil

When picking up your hands while pincushion harvesting, try to keep them from slipping. When you pick up a handful of herbs, it is easy for them to slip out of your grasp. Instead, grab each herb with both hands and place it into the palm of your other hand.

Then squeeze gently until the herb falls off onto its side.

What To Put Down Your Picked Herbs While Pinching?

When pincushion harvesting, you will need to have something on hand to catch all of the herbs that you’ve picked. If your hands are small enough, then you can place them into the container that you’re using. Otherwise, large containers can be placed under your hands. (You can also make use of a cutting board or anything else that is large enough to catch all of your herbs.

What To Use To Hold Down Loose Herbs While Pinching

When picking up herbs, they may fall out of your hand while you’re moving them over to the container. Even if you squeeze as tight as you can, herbs are still relatively delicate and can fall out of your hands. The best way to solve this is to have something on hand that will hold down the herbs while you finish picking.

A spare hand is a good way to do this.

Another way is to take a cloth and wrap it around the herbs. Then, hold down the cloth while you finish picking the rest of them up. You can also use tweezers or tongs as long as they’re small enough that you won’t cover everything else that’s in your hands when you pick them up.

If you do not wish to use your hands to hold down the herbs, you can use a third container to hold them down for you. Just make sure that this container is large enough to hold all of the herbs that you’ll be picking up.

These are the basics of pinching herbs! Now, let’s take a closer look at basil and find out how to pinch it.

Pinching Basil: How To Pinch And Pick The Perfect Pinch Of Basil Leaves For Every Recipe

Making Herbs Bigger Through Pinching And Harvesting - Image

Basil is one of those plants that requires a lot of pinches while you’re harvesting.

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