Nemesis Flower Meaning:

The word nemesis means “enemy” or “opponent”. When referring to plants, it refers to any plant that opposes another plant. For example, if there are two trees and one tree is taller than the other then the tall tree would be called a nemesis. The name comes from Greek mythology where Zeus was battling against his brother Poseidon for control over the sea. One day Zeus threw a rock at the top of the tallest tree.

The rock broke off part of the branch and fell down to the bottom of the ocean, which eventually formed into our oceans today.

In some myths, there were three sisters named Nemesis (the goddess of change) who had their own rivalry with each other. They would try to destroy each other’s children. A little girl named Persephone was born when they tried to kill her sister Andromeda (who was stillborn).

A few years ago I read an interesting story about a man who lived in ancient Greece. His name was Herakles and he was famous for being able to defeat all kinds of monsters. One time he fought a monster called Hydra. He killed the hydra with only his bare hands. The story goes that Hercules found out about this feat and asked him how he did it.

The monster had many heads which regrew when he cut them off. The man said that if he had known that he wouldn’t have done it because he would have been too afraid.

Herakles decided to go on a quest to kill the nemesis of mankind which was death. He went up to the gates of hades and threw rocks at Death but he couldn’t hit him. Eventually, Herakles died of old age.

Herakles was the nemesis of all monsters.

The king of the gods, Zeus, had three daughters that represented the three aspects of womanhood: Demeter, who was the goddess of fertility; Athena, who was the goddess of wisdom and war; and Hera, who was the goddess of marriage. Each one of them had control over human’s emotions.

Cronus, who was the leader of the Titans, had control over time. He was married to Rhea. Together they had six children: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus.

One day Rhea gave birth to her youngest child, Zeus. She then wrapped a stone in cloth and gave it to Cronus saying it was the new baby. When growing up, Zeus had learned from his mother that he was going to be the next leader of the world. He soon gathered all of his brothers and sisters on Mount Olympus to discuss their plans for world domination. He needed help from all of them.

Zeus wanted access to his father’s weapon stash so he could fulfill his destiny. The Titans were very protective about their weapons because they didn’t want them to fall into any enemy’s hands. The only way to gain access to the weapons was to get married. The youngest Titan, and Zeus’ favorite sister, Hestia, was in need of a husband.

Zeus convinced her to marry Porphyrion, the king of the Gigantes. After they were married he asked him for access to his father’s armory. Unfortunately, he didn’t allow him inside but told him that there was a hole in the back of the armory that you can drop weapons through. Zeus went back to the others and told them his plan.

Zeus came up with a second plan, he convinced Porphyrion that you could throw weapons at a target and make them stronger. He brought out a block of wood and asked his brother-in-law to throw his spear at it. When he was distracted, Zeus picked up the heaviest object he could find and hit him in the head with it, killing him.

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After this was done, Zeus gathered all of his siblings and they created weapons out of the surrounding mountains. They went to war with the rest of the Titans and ultimately won.

Demeter created swords out of rock. With them, she led her forces against Oceanus and his army of sea creatures.

Athena used her wisdom to create a shield made of turtle shells that would protect her soldiers on the battlefield. She also created long spears that were used in close combat.

With her creativity, Hestia created a metal that was stronger than anything ever before it. She used this metal to craft armor and helmets for the soldiers of Olympus.

Hera’s contribution was leadership. She led the strongest and bravest warriors of Olympus into battle with her exploding arrows.

Hermes led a group of soldiers who used their speed and agility to launch guerilla attacks against the forces of Oceanus.

Poseidon created tridents for his soldiers to use underwater and as a form of transport on land.

Zeus created lightning bolts and hurled them at the enemy. He also created the thunder and its terrifying roar so that his enemies would be too scared to attack.

His greatest weapon, however, was hope. He inspired his soldiers to believe that they would win this war, and they did.

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With his help, the Titans were defeated. Most of them were buried under mountains. Oceanus was thrown into the depths of the sea. The monsters of Tartarus were thrown into a pit and locked away. The Hekatonkheires were locked inside of a volcano.

The Kyklopes were blinded so that they couldn’t create anything else and were set to tend to the fires inside the volcano.

Many of the Titans were thrown into Tartarus. Tartarus was a dungeon-like pit that had a never-ending supply of punishments for the prisoners inside.

Including a special cell at the very bottom, just for Cronus.

The gods then decided that among themselves they would draw lots for the Air, the Heavens, the Sea and the Land.

Our story draws to a close at last.

Air was assigned to breathe life into the world. His spirit was infused into every living thing. The trees and plants live because of him.

With his work done, he left behind no traces.

Heavens received the stars, the moon and the sun from Mother Earth. He infused the world with light.

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Heavens left behind the stars that you see at night.

The Earth received life from Air. She was infused with life and she gave birth to countless living things in order to complete herself.

She created everything from the sky down to the shoreline. The plants, animals and every other living thing were her creations.

She created the land, the sea and everything else. Upon completing herself, she fell into a deep slumber.

Mother Earth left behind everything that lives.

In this way, the world came to be.

The gods, along with Mother Earth and Father Time, created the world we know today.

With the work done, they would pass the hours playing a game of nine-men’s morris in their free time.

The children of the gods would often frolic and play with one another in lush green meadows.

They would pick flowers, gather around campfires and dance under the stars.

They were happy, and time passed in harmony.

Yet, one day…

The children of the gods found themselves at each other’s throats.

The war of the gods had begun.

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