Persimmons are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They have been cultivated since ancient times and they were used to make wine until recently when modern science took over and made it possible to grow them commercially. However, there are some reasons why persimmons don’t produce any fruit or flowers at all.

The reason why these plants don’t produce anything is because their flower buds never open up fully! When the bud opens up, it doesn’t allow the pollen from other female flowers to fertilize its ovary which would result in producing seeds. The only way to get seeds out of a persimmon is to cut them open and then plant them into soil.

There are many theories about why this happens, but what is certain is that if you want your persimmon tree to produce fruit or flowers, you must remove the female petals before cutting open the stem. If you leave the petals on, the fruit will fall off and will not develop properly.

You may wonder why you wouldn’t just cut open the stem right away after removing the petals?

Well, this is where things get tricky. You see, when you remove the female petal from a persimmon tree’s stem, it creates a hole in its stem called a stoma (pronounced “stom-ah-moh”). When this hole is formed, it means that the plant has lost its ability to produce latex.

The latex is a very important resource for the plant and if you drain it off, you will kill the tree. That’s why you must wait for about a week before cutting open the stem. You have to make sure that the latex has been replenished before you cut open the stem.

Other ways to tell if a stoma is forming are to look at the underside of the petal. If you notice white fuzzy hair forming, then this means that a stoma is being created. You can also make a small cut on the underside of the female flower and if latex appears then it means that you will have to wait another week before cutting open the stem.

When it comes to cutting open the stems of the plants, you must use a sharp knife or else you risk tearing the latex ducts which will drain all the resources from your tree, killing it in the process. You want to create a cut at the bottom of the stem which is about 1 inch long and about a half an inch deep.

Another thing you must remember is that the female flowers are smaller than the male ones, so you can use this as a guideline when harvesting as well. The male stems will have swollen bases while the female ones will not. This is why it’s important to know whether your flowers are male or female before cutting them open.

If you need more information about anthurium flowers, check out this link.

These are the other types of anthuriums you can find when looking for persimmon flowers as well. These flowers don’t come in male and female plants, but you can still only harvest certain parts of the plant itself.

The red tinged anthuriums will only produce latex when their stems are cut. The yellow ones will also produce latex when their petals or sepals are removed. The white ones do not produce any latex at all.

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You may wonder why some flowers produce latex while others do not. Well, it turns out that the anthurium plant is actually a type of bromeliad which contains watertank-like fluids in its base. The latex is a byproduct of this fluid and the more you remove, the less the plant will be able to protect itself from elements such as extreme cold or heat.

This means that it’s very important to not over harvest these flowers. If you do, then you will be depriving the plant of its main resource and it will eventually die.

Now that you have all this information about anthuriums, you’re ready to harvest some flowers (or fruit if you want to wait that long). The best time to harvest them is right after the petals drop off as this signifies that the plant has stopped using resources to create pollen and can now focus all its energy into creating latex.

You have a week until the anthuriums will bloom again and that means you only have one week to harvest the flowers. You’re going to need as much latex as you can get so you’re going to use all the flowers from your garden. You also decide to cut open some of the stems and petals to create stomas and use those as well.

The flowers themselves don’t really have a strong smell, but when you cut them and start forming the stomas, a sweet honey like smell starts to fill the air. It’s actually quite pleasant and very different from the rotting smell of the jasmine or the daffodils.

You decide to call over your mother to help you harvest the flowers since there will be a lot to do and two sets of hands will make the job go by faster. She arrives and you explain what you need done and why. Naturally, she is very worried about you since anthuriums are known to be toxic if ingested and are sometimes nicknamed the “Velvet Death”.

She starts by asking why you can’t use jasmine or daffodils like everyone else does. You explain that those plants don’t produce a strong enough smell to curb the hunger. She still seems wary about you experimenting with anthuriums, but agrees since it’s better than you rotting from the inside out.

You and your mother work together and harvest all of the flowers you can find in the garden along with cutting open some of the stems and petals to create more stomas. You end up creating over a hundred of them.

With this step done, you now have to prepare them to be sealed. You remember reading that jasmine and daffodil stomas are typically sealed directly, but anthuriums often have a thin film of wax applied to them first. You decide it wouldn’t hurt to do that and since you don’t want to waste any more time, you and your mother spend the next few hours melting down old candles and painting the film of wax on each stoma.

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With that done, you finally have everything ready to be sealed. You and your mother work on that task which mainly involves placing the stomas inside of little metal canisters, adding a desiccant to absorb any extra moisture inside, screwing a cap on the canister, and then applying heat at a very precise temperature for several minutes.

This is the part where you’re really worried about because if you screw up and heat the stomas for too long, then they’ll end up liquefying. If that happens, you’ll have wasted all this time gathering the flowers and creating the stomas for nothing.

You and your mother take turns heating up the stomas. You heat a few at a time and then she heats up a few more. You repeat this process several times until all of them are sealed. You then have to wait several hours until you can test one to see if they’re ready.

You finally get to try one and hope that you don’t end up throwing up afterward. You bite into the stoma and find that it’s slightly thicker than an unprocessed anthurium flower. The taste is a little bland with just a hint of sweetness, but that’s to be expected since you added no flavoring. The most important thing is that it stops the hunger and sates it somewhat.

You chew up the stoma and swallow it which doesn’t take very long since they’re rather soft. You then drink some water to get the taste out of your mouth. Your mother asks how it tastes and you tell her that it’s fine. Thankfully, she doesn’t ask you any further questions since she knows that you don’t want to discuss the reasons why.

She does seem relieved though and even praises how well the stomas processed. She says that she’ll need to gather more flowers tomorrow since the batch you just made only filled half of one can. You go to bed with a somewhat full stomach that night. You’re still emaciated of course, but at least the constant pain is gone for now.

The next few days are repeats of the first. You and your mother gather flowers, create stomas, process them into satiation strips, and distribute them to the gathering boxes. Everyone in the community chips in to help since you need as much of them as possible as quickly as possible.

All of this work would be far too much for the two of you to handle by yourself, but with everyone pitching in, it only takes a few days before you have enough to distribute to the entire community. Mr. Demar offers to trade some meat with the community’s butchers in exchange for their help, and they agree since they could also use the stomas for trading purposes in the future.

Once again, everyone participates in the swap-out, which means you don’t have to worry about being singled out when collecting them. The old collection boxes are removed and the new ones put in their place. After a few hours, everyone reports that the new stomas are working well. A couple people even mention that their stomachs feel a little fuller than normal.

That night at dinner, you find that the food actually has more of an impact than it has in weeks. You eat lightly, but you don’t feel hungry when you’re done. You actually feel satisfied. The guilt of what you’ve done never quite leaves you though and you spend the next few days worrying about how to trade with other communities now that your main trading resource is gone.

You eventually come to the conclusion that you’ll have to trade for things that communities need but don’t have enough people to accomplish. One of those things is going to be food so you offer to trade for grain, fruits, and animals. A few of the communities offer some to you for free and say that they’d like to try the satiation strips themselves now.

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One of the other things you offer to trade for is protection. The Hunters are obviously wary of this since they don’t want to get roped into something they can’t get out of, but the ones who have families are willing to offer their services in exchange for protection for their families.

This makes you a little uncomfortable since it means that they’re now relying on you for food and shelter, but you see the value in it. It also makes the Hunters loyal to you as well, since without you, they can’t provide for their families.

This all makes you a little uneasy, but you have to keep reminding yourself that it’s all for the good of the community.

A few months pass and you manage to trade for everything you need and more. You’ve also managed to create a system where the Hunters are able to provide meat on a regular basis and with your farming methods, you’re able to grow enough food for everyone without having to resort to trading with other communities.

Mr. Demar comes to visit you soon after, and is full of praise for what you’ve accomplished. He says that he’s impressed that someone of your age was able to do it so well.

“It’s actually why I’m here, young one.” He says. “I’ve been thinking about what you said a few months ago about this place having potential and I think you’re right. Which is why I’m promoting you to the position of Head Hunter.”

Head Hunter?”

you ask in surprise.

“Yes. I can’t be bothered to run around trying to hunt down beasts and trying to find ways to feed these people every day. I need someone efficient for that and I believe that person is you. Better you than me in any case. Of course, this comes with a pay raise and better living quarters.”

Um, what about the other Hunters?”

you ask.

What about them?

They work for me to provide food and if I don’t think they’re needed, I’ll get rid of them. Same as I’ll get rid of you if you don’t perform. Now, I’ve gotten word of a massive beast terrorizing a small village called Sivak. I want you to go there and bring back whatever this beasts kills. I’ve also heard rumors of a great amount of giant eels in the Sivak Swamps. I want you to go there as well and wipe them out if possible.

Easy enough for you?”

“Yeah, easy enough.” You say nodding.

“Good, then you’ll leave tomorrow. Here’s your payment and a little bonus just for you.”

Mr. Demar hands you a bag of coins, which you accept.

“Um, Mr. Demar, I don’t want to seem disrespectful or anything, but I was kind of wondering if I could ask a favor…”

You want to know if your family can live here?”

You nod nervously.

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“I’ll consider it, but I make no promises. I will say however that I’m impressed with your dedication to your family. Most people your age think only of themselves. You think of others, and that’s good, but you should still put yourself first every once in awhile or you’ll burn out quickly.”

After Mr. Demar leaves you to your thoughts, you decide to go tell your family the good news. Your sisters are pleased as punch, while your brother smiles for the first time in a long while.

So, what is it that you want us to do?”

your Mom asks.

“Just keep working as usual, I have to go to the village of Sivak and hunt down some beasts. Mr. Demar is sending some other people there to start setting up a permanent settlement there so eventually you’ll have more protection and company. In the meantime I want you all to stay here and keep working. I have to go tomorrow, so rest up and be prepared for a bit of a longer work day tomorrow.

I’ll try not to make you stay up too late. I love you all.

You leave your Mom and head to your new room, a bit surprised that Mr. Demar actually allowed you to have a private room. You open the door with a smile, pleased to see a bed AND a chest. You put your bag of coins on the chest and fall onto the bed, falling asleep soon after.

The next day, you wake up refreshed and ready for your mission. You spend the trip to Sivak reflecting upon the fact that you now have power in this city and many people are willing to obey your commands. You don’t know how far you can take this, but so far things have been going very well for you, and you feel a lot better about your future.

You spend a week in the Sivak village, hunting down a massive beast that’s been attacking people. It has enormous fangs and claws, with grayish white skin and a reptilian face. It stands about fifteen feet tall and is quite muscular, like a huge version of the dinosaurs you’ve seen in books. You estimate it weighs about three or four tons. You’ve never seen anything like it before, but after seeing its monstrous form, you definitely want the upper hand, so you use your bow and arrow to take it down from a distance.

You’re quite a bit more than just a good shot though, your knowledge of animals allows you to accurately predict its moves, which comes in handy when you’re trying to hit a target as fast and deadly as this one.

You manage to kill it by shooting it right in the eye, which unfortunately for you is on the far side of its head, so even though you killed it, it takes more than a few hours of brutal knife work to decapitate the beast. You then proceed to hack off a few claws for proof and to take back to Sivak. You’ve never gone this long without bathing and you’re looking forward to taking a good long one.

When you finally return, the villagers there have never been so happy to see someone. You are showered with gifts and compliments, which of course makes you happy. Mr. Demar is thrilled with the carcasses you brought back and assures you that this will certainly go a long way in improving the public opinion of you.

You prepare for bed that night, and reflect upon how well things are going. All your hard work has really paid off and within a few months you’ve gone from guarding cabbages to slaying dangerous beasts. Your thoughts then turn to what you’ll be doing in the future and your heart swells with pride and hope at all the possibilities ahead. You fall asleep visualizing yourself as a powerful warrior, respected and admired by all…

The next morning you wake up to the smell of smoke and the sounds of screaming. You rub your eyes and look around, and it doesn’t take long for you to notice that your room is on fire. This building is the first one that caught from the looks of things and already the thatched roof is collapsing in on your bed.

Persimmon Tree Not Fruiting: Reasons A Persimmon Tree Has No Flowers Or Fruit on

“We need more water!” You hear a voice scream, only for it to be choked off as the person inhales some smoke.

You jump out of bed and run for the door, but you don’t get far. You don’t even make it halfway across your room before an explosion of fire and wind throws you to the floor.

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