Red Succulent Plants – Identification Of Types

There are different kinds of red succulents. There are three main types: Red, Green and Blue. They have different colors.

Some of them have white or yellow flowers, some with black and others with other colors like pink, purple or orange. All these types of reds belong to the same family: Rosaceae (the rose family). These plants have similar characteristics: they all grow from seeds, they are very hardy and they do not require much care. However, there are differences between them.

Red Succulents – Description And Characteristics

The most common type of red succulent is the Dwarf Red Succulent (Rhododendron spp.). They are small shrubs that usually reach 2-3 feet tall and 1 foot wide.

Their leaves turn reddish brown when mature. They are found in temperate regions of the world.

They have large stems and long slender branches. The color of their leaves depends on the variety, but they generally turn reddish brown when mature. Leaves are opposite to each other and usually alternate along the stem.

Green Succulents – Description And Characteristics

The second type of red succulent is called Green Red (Rubus idaeus). They are small shrubs that grow to 2-3 feet and produce pinkish red or sometimes yellowish flowers. They are found in colder areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

The branches of green succulents are long and slender. Their leaves are green, oval and opposite to each other. They turn red when mature (this is why they are called reds).

Red Succulent Plants – Information About Succulents That Are Red - Image

Their seeds are usually fuzzy and their flowers averagely large and pinkish red or sometimes yellowish.

Blue Succulents – Identification And Description

Blue Red (Ribes sanguineum) are a type of succulents with blue flowers and glossy leaves. They are shrubs that grow up to a meter tall and produce yellowish-green flowers in summer. They have thick stems and usually grow in North American mountains or in colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

The branches of blue reds are thick. Their leaves are glossy, narrow and asymmetrical. They turn red when mature.

Their flowers are small (2-3 centimeters), dark blue and grow in clusters.

So, these were the types of red succulents, each with different characteristics, colors and features. Hope you learned something useful!

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