Woodland Flowers are one of the most popular types of wildflower in nature. They have been cultivated for centuries and they are very useful in many ways. Woodland flowers are often used as ornamental plants or as houseplants. There are various kinds of woodlands and different varieties of woods, which contain different kinds of trees, shrubs, grasses and other plants. These species of trees and shrubs provide shelter from the weather, shade, food sources and beauty. Some of these woodlands are naturally beautiful while others are not so pretty. There are several types of woodland plants.

The following list contains some common kinds of woodlands:

Dendrochronological Forest (also called Dendritic Forest) – This type of forest is characterized by its large number of deciduous trees such as oak, maple and birch. The trees grow in groups with each group having its own distinctive characteristics. Most of the trees are small and weak, but some of them grow up to 30 feet tall. The largest tree in this type of forest is a white pine at over 150 feet high. This type of forest usually consists of open areas where it is possible to walk around the area without getting lost.

Coniferous Forest (also called Coniferous Woodland) – These types of forests have trees whose leaves and needles are similar to the pine-trees we see here in the northeast. This is also sometimes referred to as a ‘rain forest’, but that term is usually reserved for tropical forests with this type of climate. The trees here can become very large and old. There are some that are over 1000 years old and grow to be very big. The ground is usually very wet and soft from all the moisture in the air and soil.

These forests are very dark due to the thick tree cover.

Mixed Forest – This type of forest contains trees from both the deciduous and coniferous types of trees. It is not uncommon for this forest to be found near bodies of water which can be lakes, rivers or streams.

Swamp Forest (or Swamp Woods) – This is a type of forest that contains many trees that have broad leaves. Most people think that all swamps are stagnant and contain very little life, but that is not always true. There are many types of plants and animals that call these wet forests home. Some of the trees in this forest can grow to over 100 feet.

There are many different types of Woodland Flowers that can be found in any of the above described woodlands. Some of them are very common while others can be a little harder to find.

Buttercups are plants that like moist soil and they come in a wide variety of colors. The buttercup is a common wildflower that most people are familiar with even if they don’t know it.

Columbines are flowers that grow on short bushes. They have various colors and their blooms look like small bells.

Daisies are flowers that come in many different shapes and sizes. There are many varieties of daisies and they can be found growing in most types of soil and ground conditions.

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Dandelions are weeds that most people consider a pest, but they are actually a flower. They have bright yellow flowers that turn into fluffy white ball which disperse their seeds.

Ferns are a type of plant that most people don’t associate with flowers, but they count as one. Ferns fall into the plant category known as pteridophytes and there are many different types of them around. The image shows a type of fern known as a bracken fern.

Foxgloves are a type of flower that grows naturally in the forest. They are commonly orange or red, but they also come in other colors as well.

Honeysuckles are vines typically found climbing up trees or other supports. They produce a sweet nectar which is often used to make a variety of dishes and drinks.

Irises are a type of flower that have sword-like leaves and colorful flowers that come in many shapes and sizes. There are more than 70 different types of iris flowers that grow naturally across Medivia. Most of the iris flowers you see here in the forest will be of the Siberian variety.

Lilies are a type of flower that come in many different colors and patterns. Lilies are typically associated with some of the more poisonous plants growing in the forest, but there are also many non-poisonous types as well.

Roses are a type of flower that is very recognizable. There are many different types of them, but most people only know of the red roses. White roses are known to exist as well as ones that are pinks, oranges and even purples. The red rose is typically seen as a symbol of Love, but this is not always the case.

Violets are often thought to be a type of flower that is very difficult to grow. The truth is they just grow best in shaded areas where there is loose soil and plenty of water. Violets do grow naturally in forests, but they aren’t especially common. The forest violets typically found here are the Wood Violets.

This is a type of orchid that grows in clusters high up in trees and only blooms at night. These orchids are typically purple, but they can sometimes be white or yellow as well. They tend to have a very sweet scent to them.

Most of the wild fruits that grow in forests are things like berries and grapes that grow on bushes. There are also other types of fruit that grow on trees such as apples, oranges and pears.

Most of these plants grow naturally in forests and they do not require much attention or care to grow. There are many other plants that also fall into this category such as mushrooms, clovers and cactii.

Grasses are considered a type of plant that falls under the category of wild foliage. There are many different types of grass and they all have their own purposes. For example, some types of grass are used as livestock fodder, pigments for painting and some are even used for thatch roofs on houses.

Most of the time flowers are associated with making someone feel better, but other types of wild plants can have the opposite effect on someone. It all depends on the types of flowers, where they are growing and how they interact with a person’s emotions. Most of the time it isn’t something that is done on purpose.

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Trees are considered a type of plant life, however they are also considered a type of living shelter as well. Many forest dwelling folk live in homes that are built in the trees and travel from tree to tree using rope bridges or simple platforms.

Teleportation magic is fairly common among wizards nowadays, but it can only transport someone to another location within the same world. If a person wants to travel to a different world, then they need a portal which requires a lot of time and energy to build as well as a massive amount of magic to activate.

Portals are huge entrances that lead to different locations within the same world. The problem with them is they typically require a lot of time and energy to build in addition to requiring a high level of magic to activate. This means only powerful magic users or an entire government working together can accomplish such a feat.

Some regions of the world don’t have proper plumbing so they use water wells to draw up drinking water, but in most settlements and cities water is brought through pipes directly to people’s homes. The water is drawn from rivers, lakes, or in some cases oceans. It is then pushed through the pipes by either using magic or simple machines.

The appliances and utensils found in most kitchens nowadays are created with the assistance of magic. This has made it a lot easier for people to cook their food and prepare it as well as clean up after meals.

Magic is a powerful force in the universe and it can be used for a variety of things such as creating food, shifting the weather, changing the landscape, manipulating dimensions and so on. People with an aptitude for magic are able to use their skills in different ways such as healing, protection, destruction and more.

Most races tend to favor certain types of magic over others. For instance, Elves tend to prefer nature magic while Dwarves favor smithing and crafting. Human wizards tend to dabble in a little bit of everything, but prefer to specialize in one field.

Magic is not something that people are born with. It is a skill that must be taught and taken as an elective at schools. Some people take it as a minor, but most want to become full blown mages when they grow up. The governing body that teaches magic to people is called the Mage’s Guild.

There are different types of magic in the world and examples include, but are not limited to: Elemental, Healing, Animation, Shadow, Divination, Conjuration, Transmutation, Charms, Summoning, Necromancy, Enchantment and more.

There are many species and races throughout the world and everyone has their own agenda. For instance, Elves tend to be reclusive and want nothing to do with the outside world. The Dwarves are always pursuing mining operations to find more precious ore to craft into weapons and tools. The Felkans focus on building their great cities. The Azcan are conquering whatever lands they can on the continent.

The Humans are constantly at war with themselves, but also tend towards imperialism. The Eternals are attempting to create their own utopia and don’t welcome any other race within it.

There are also monsters and beasts of all types that range from the intimidating to the terrifying.

And of course, there are the undead. Necromancy is frowned upon in most societies, but there are always those who take up the craft regardless of the consequences. Raising the dead cannot be done without a strong magical ability and it naturally attracts dark and unfriendly types.

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Undead are usually created for combat or menial labor purposes. Some mages try to imbue them with limited sentience, but this practice is frowned upon by most and is rumored to be the path to eventual lichdom. Liches are viewed as the most powerful of all undead and also the most dangerous. It is not known how many liches exist, but they are considered to be an extinction level threat should they ever decide to unite in some way. (And yes, there will be a quest involving them at some point.)

As one can see, there is a lot to the world and it’s quite vast. There are definitely adventures to be had!

One note: In this version of the mod, there is no defined main antagonist such as the Empire from the original mod. The world is more freeform and you determine your own goals. That doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for your actions though. There are reprecussions, but they aren’t necessarily tied to an evil overlord. You may have to deal with the possible wrath of the various governments or even the common folk after an act of terrorism for example.

Another note: This version has been scaled back a bit from the original. I’ve removed some of the more advanced features and replaced them with more generalized systems and skills. If the mod does well, I will work on resuming the “enhanced” edition.

Also, this is a full game rewrite. The previous version was more of an expansion and this is a complete restart from scratch. Please do not try to compare the two games. They are different experiences and intended to be judged on their own merits.

Backer Quests!

While the main story has been detailed in the above lore, I’m also opening up a few extra quests for backers to indulge in their own personal goals. These are on a first come, first served basis and there are only a limited amount, so if you want one, you need to mention it in the comments section below.

These aren’t going to necessarily be easy and they might just end up getting someone killed. They aren’t going to be mandatory either and you can very well ignore them if you wish, but they will provide extra content for those who seek it out. I’m more than willing to help brainstorm over private messaging as well.

Please try to keep the requests/questions to things that are actually possible. I’m more than willing to entertain odd or unusual ideas, but they do need to at least be possible on some level.

Thanks again everyone for backing! I hope you all enjoy this new and (somewhat) improved version of the mod!

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You can comment here or message me directly if you wish to contribute a quest or idea. Tagged users will be notified when their requests are available to play.

Happy questing!


Update 1

The following changes have been made to the main mod:

-The Church of Joachim has been expanded upon and it’s practices are more fleshed out. As a result, the Chantry is now marked as sacred ground with blood traps protecting it.

-The Battle of Valor Valley is now a historical battle that will be listed in the lore section of the game.

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