Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are so many interesting plants and animals living there. Africa has been home to all kinds of flora and fauna since long time ago. So it makes sense that its inhabitants have used different methods to propagate their species over time. Some people prefer to keep their own offspring alive, while others choose not to do such thing because they want them to reproduce naturally without human intervention or assistance. Still other people use artificial means to propagate their species.

Repotting is a method used to maintain the genetic diversity of a species. When you repot your plants, you take away some of the old growth and replace it with new growth from another plant.

This way, the population of that particular plant increases. If done properly, repotting will increase the number of viable seeds in your garden and increase its overall health.

There are several ways to repot african violets. You can buy them at a nursery or grow them yourself.

Here I am going to share with you how to repot african violets using only natural methods.

How To Repot Afrika Violet Plants?

1) Use a potting mix made from peat moss (a type of organic material).

2) Plant the african violet plant in a pot that is not more than 1 inch wider than the plant’s current root mass.

3) Use an organic fertilizer that has been mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio.

Then pour that mixture directly onto the roots of the plants.

African Violet Repotting – How To Repot African Violets - Image

4) Put your violets back into direct sunlight after repotting.

Can You Repot African Violets When They Are Blooming?

Yes, you can repot african violets when they are in full bloom. It is best to pot them about a month before they start to bloom. This way their new growth will have enough time to establish itself before blooming begins. Once the blooming cycle is over, you can then start the repotting process.

Is It Bad To Repot A Plant When It Is Blooming?

No, you can repot a plant anytime. The only time you might want to hold off is if the plant has been growing exceptionally well and you do not want to disturb its strong root system until the next growing season.

Can You Divide African Violets While They Are Blooming?

Yes, you can divide african violets while they are in bloom if you know what you are doing. Carefully split the root mass using your hands or a small knife. Be sure to trim away any dead or dying roots. After that you are ready to pot them up and start the watering process all over again.

Can You Divide African Violets During The Winter?

African violets can be divided at any time of the year. This is a good thing because it gives you lots of options on when and how to do it.

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