Sweet Potato Vine Winter Care: Tips On Winterizing Sweet Potato Vines

In this post we are going to share with you some tips on winterizing your sweet potatoes. You may have noticed that it’s been quite cold lately and there hasn’t been much snowfall in the area.

That means the ground is still frozen solid and doesn’t thaw out easily like it does during warmer months. If you haven’t already, you might want to invest in a small dehumidifier or even better, get one of those outdoor ones that use solar power!

If you live in an apartment building, then chances are they probably have them installed. Otherwise if not, then there’s always the option of buying one.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your plants are watered regularly. You don’t want them to freeze over because they’re too thirsty!

You’ll also want to keep your plants warm. A heater will definitely help, but remember that the plant itself needs warmth as well.

For this reason, you should place a heat mat under the plant so it gets enough light and warmth at night.

So how do you winterize a sweet potato vine?

Well, it’s really easy and doesn’t require too much effort. You just need to follow these simple steps and you’ll be fine!

Sweet potato vine crown or sweet potato vine tuber

You’re probably wondering what exactly is a sweet potato vine plant?

A sweet potato vine is basically the entire plant, minus the roots. It consists of the vines, the leaves, the stems, and even the flowers.

If you’ve ever had a sweet potato or yam before then you should be quite familiar with this plant. You can eat the vines, the leaves, and even the flowers.

For this reason, it’s not just an easy plant to grow from cuttings. You can literally grow them anywhere since they’re edible!

Sweet Potato Vine Winter Care: Tips On Winterizing Sweet Potato Vines at igrowplants.net

The downside to this is that you’re not going to have many uses for the sweet potato vine plant itself, apart from eating it that is.

If you want to grow a sweet potato vine plant for ornamental purposes, then you might be out of luck. You can grow it from cuttings, but they won’t look as spectacular as they do in the wild.

It’s pretty easy to tell a tuber versus a vine. The tuber is the underneath part of the sweet potato vine plant, and this is what you eat.

It’s basically like a giant root that feeds the entire plant.

If you’re having trouble identifying it, then just look for a little white bulb underground. This is what remains after a vine has been harvested from the ground.

Sweet potatoes can be grown from actual sweet potatoes. This is a process that takes several months to complete.

You can speed up the process by purchasing them as vines or even as tubers online.

When growing sweet potatoes from a tuber, you should make sure they’re not green. These aren’t good to eat and are poisonous to humans.

If you do decide to grow your own, then you should plan on planting them in the ground instead of in a pot.

If the vines are growing in a pot, then you should transplant them into the ground. This will significantly improve their overall growth rate.

It should be easier to get these from your local nursery or even from a gardening store.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to water the soil frequently, as well as give it plenty of sunlight. I would also recommend weeding around your plants, so they receive all the nutrients and water they need!

Sweet potato vine crown or sweet potato vine tuber

Sweet potatoes or yams don’t grow like regular potatoes do. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re probably wondering why the heck they have two different names!

Sweet Potato Vine Winter Care: Tips On Winterizing Sweet Potato Vines on igrowplants.net

Potatoes and sweet potatoes aren’t the same thing at all. But for whatever reason, both are often called potatoes.

The big difference is that sweet potatoes have much higher concentrations of starch and carbohydrates, and they also taste sweeter.

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of nutrients and are the staple food in many developing countries. If you’re ever lost at sea, then you can even use it to survive since it’s packed full of nutrients.

The tubers that grow on the sweet potato vine are called yams in North America, but they go by several other names as well. They’re called “White Yam” in the United Kingdom, and they’re known as “Nagem” in Australia.

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