Growing Lime Trees From Seed

Lime trees are very popular in some parts of the world. They provide shade during hot summer days and they also make beautiful houseplants. You may have seen them growing near your home or even in your backyard. Limes are native to tropical regions such as South America, Central America, Mexico, Costa Rica and other places around the globe. There are different types of limes: green, red and yellow varieties.

Some of these limes are edible while others are poisonous. Green limes are the most common variety and they produce their fruit year round. Red and yellow varieties of lime usually produce fruits only once every two years or less.

How To Grow A Lime Tree From Seed?

There are many ways to grow a lime tree from seed. Here is one method which is simple, fast and effective. If you want to grow a lime tree from seed then follow the steps below:

1) Purchase a lime tree from a nursery.

2) Cut off the top part of the trunk of the lime tree.

(If there is no trunk left, cut off all but one inch of its growth.)

3) Place it in water until it becomes soft enough to handle.

Then place it into soil with good drainage and add fertilizer according to directions provided by your local nursery.

4) Make sure the soil that you place the trunk into has good drainage.

If your soil does not have good drainage, you might need to create a well around it and place gravel or stones around the base of the trunk to ensure proper drainage.

5) Water the base of the tree regularly so that it does not dry out.

How To Grow A Lime Tree From A Cutting?

Lime trees can also be grown from a cutting. To do this you will need a friend who already has a lime tree or you can get a cutting from a store.

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